“6 innings 8K visa.” This is what V12 Jung Jo-joon KIA was looking forward to! The completion of the powerful starting lineup is imminent.

Will Crowe, a foreign pitcher of the KIA Tigers who won his third game of the season. He added a lot of weight to his first win. Not only did he win, but he also raised expectations by showing a marked change from before in terms of content. In a match against LG in Gwangju on Tuesday, Crowe recorded five hits, one walk, eight strikeouts and two runs (non-ERA) in six innings. He pitched a total of 104. He pitched his first quality start (more than six innings and less than three earned runs) in the fourth game of the KBO League. The result was good, but the content was good. He allowed two runs while giving up five hits, but allowed only one walk as he regained stability after struggling in the previous two games. The number of strikeouts has increased significantly to eight. The number of walks increased and the number of strikeouts decreased in the last two games, raising concerns, but he rebounded perfectly against LG. 스포츠토토

Crow had a fastball game in the first inning, but changed his repertoire to actively utilize change-ups and sliders. While focusing on breaking balls, he threw a fastball of more than 150 kilometers, drawing the bats of LG batters. While he had put his so-called “strength” ahead of him in the previous three games, he found a breakthrough in the game against LG through “technology.” Commentator Lee Soon-cheol, who was broadcast on TV on the day, commented on Crow’s six innings of pitching, “It was effective to focus on breaking balls.”

Expectations are bound to grow that Crow’s skills will be in full bloom through the victory over LG. Crow was a full-time starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2021 season. Crow continued to play in the bullpen session in the following year, gaining ample experience in the big league. He left the team after five games due to shoulder injury last year, and after that, there were many question marks over whether he will be able to display the pitching he used to play in the KBO League, as he sought to make a comeback in the minor league. While pitching in around five innings in the first three games, he showed strong performance against batters’ bats, raising concerns over his adaptation. However, he showed a remarkable change from the previous three games, successfully rebounding.

With Crow’s success, Kia is close to completing the one-two punch it had hoped for. James Nail, who displayed adaptability faster than Crow during the camp period, displayed formidable pitching with three wins and no loss, and an ERA of 0.47, marking the birth of a new foreign ace. If Crow continues his strong performance based on his performance in the match against LG, Yang Hyun-jong and Yoon Young-cheol will have a formidable five-starter system, ranging from injury to his return. Kia, which is focusing on returning to the presidential race this season, will likely burst into laughter.

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