‘8G ERA 5.84’ Tommy John Surgery Falled, Was Kershaw’s Successor…Buehler is out again with an injury

Walker Buehler (LA Dodgers), who had undergone major surgery but seemed to return to the form of “Ace” as he had a long hiatus, could not avoid being on the injured list (IL) again.

Multiple local media outlets, including the U.S. “CBS Sports,” reported on the 20th (Korean time) that Walker Buehler had moved to the injured list due to discomfort in the hip joint.

Buehler made his first big league appearance in 2017 after being nominated by Dodger as the 24th overall pick in the first round of the Major League Baseball rookie draft in 2015. Buehler played in eight games in his first season and only had a record of 7.71 ERA in one win and one hold, but he began to stand out in 24 games (23 starts), including changing his position to a starting pitcher the following year and creating a joint no-hitter once.

Since then, Buehler has been on a roll. In the 2019 season, he pitched in 182 ⅓ and recorded 14-4 with a 3.26 ERA, marking the top winning percentage with a 0.778 ERA. Due to COVID-19, he ate up 207 ⅔ in eight games in the 2020 season with one win and a 3.44 ERA, 33 games in 2021, and stood out as the Dodgers’ ace with a 16-4 record and a 2.47 ERA.

Buehler started the season with high expectations, including a key starting pitcher for the opening game of the 2022 season, and while he was 6-3 with a 4.02 ERA in 12 games, he suffered a major negative impact from Tommy John surgery. As a result, Buehler ended up flying out the entire 2023 season, and he was able to return to the mound in the big league only in May this year. However, until now, Aces has not been seen in Buehler’s appearance. Currently, he is less than five starting pitchers. 토토사이트 추천

Buehler got off to a good start against the Miami Marlins on May 7 with three runs (three earned) in four innings in his return match. He left a disappointment with three runs (three earned) in three ⅓ in a showdown with the San Diego Padres, but he finally showed his way on track with his first quality start (less than three earned runs in six innings) and seven strikeouts in a showdown with the Cincinnati Reds on the 19th.

Since then, Buehler has done his part by allowing three runs (three earned) in five ⅔ against Cincinnati and four runs (three earned) in six innings against the Colorado Rockies, which was his last appearance in May, but began to fall after the schedule began in June. In his first appearance in June, Buehler allowed four runs (three earned) in three innings against the Philadelphia Phillies and three runs (two earned) in five innings against the Texas Rangers, but collapsed with seven runs (seven earned) in four innings against Colorado, his most recent appearance.

After repeated unstable pitching, Buehler couldn’t avoid being on the injured list (IL) on the 20th. According to multiple media outlets in the U.S., Buehler moved to the injured list due to hip pain. CBS Sports explains that although the pain got worse in the match against Colorado on the 19th, he had been suffering from hip problems before. According to Japan’s “Full Count,” manager Dave Roberts said, “I have had discomfort in my right hip for a long time. I registered on the injured list to regain my strength and appearance as Buehler.”

As Buehler moved to the injured list, the Dodgers added Bobby Miller, who had been out of the lineup due to right shoulder inflammation in April. Will Buehler be able to regain his previous form even though it is his first season in the Tommy John era with one win, four losses and a 5.84 ERA in eight games? For now, he is undergoing a lot of trials and errors this season.

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