A top issue in the NBA at this point. Where’s Jack Lavigne? Local media said, “L.A. Lakers are the most likely.”

At this point, the NBA’s most high-profile player is Chicago Bulls ace Jack Lavigne.

On the 15th, The Athletic Sham Karania said, “The Chicago Bulls are trying to trade All-Star guard Jack Lavigne.” 스포츠토토

Chicago’s ‘Big Three’ failed. Lavigne, Dermadrojan, and Nikola Vucevic’s “Big Three” were launched to seek Eastern hegemony, but it was not easy. In the end, he seriously considered the rumor of dismantling the “Big Three” from the middle of last season, and when there was no sign of rebound at the beginning of this season, the dismantling of the “Big Three” surfaced. The key is Lavigne.

Lavigne is not on the defensive side, but he has a strong scoring ability. Basically, he can score an average of 20 points per game, and his athletic ability is still strong enough to win the Slam Dunk Contest. Not only does he break through the basket, but he also has sophisticated outside shots. The scoring is explosive. It is also suitable for transition basketball.

However, Lavigne’s salary is a problem. He earns the highest salary as a Chicago star. He will receive $40.64 million this season, about $43 million next season, and $45.99 million in the 2025-2026 season. In addition, the 2026-2027 season has player options (an option that allows players to choose to stay as an FA or stay).

CBS Sports in the U.S. picked five strong candidates for Lavigne’s destination. Realistically, the closest team is the Los Angeles Lakers.

The media said, “The LA Lakers are the most likely. However, there are many competing teams.’

The Los Angeles Lakers still have an objective record. LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ one-two punch alone is not enough to aim for the top. I know this part well.

CBS Sports said, “Every time LeBron goes to the bench, his offense decreases. ORTG (expected score per 100 formation) falls by more than 15 points. Even when LeBron is on the court, he is not the best offense in the league. There are overlapping positions for Austin Reeves and DeAngelo Russell. Lavigne is the best card to solve this dilemma, and it is the Los Angeles Lakers that desperately need to add Jack Lavigne’s attack as well as LeBron and Anthony’s 2-2 attack. However, it is highly likely that they want a multilateral trade that brings Alex Caruso together to fill Lavigne’s defensive gap. The media said, “The LA Lakers cannot realistically trade Lavigne due to salary cap pressure until December, but there is liquidity after that.”

The Philadelphia 76ers are also likely candidates. I handed over James Harden to the Los Angeles Clippers. There are Tyreece Maxey and Joel Embiid, but it’s not very likely to cross the Eastern Bloc.

The media said: ‘Rabin, Maxi and Embiid Trio are close to invincibility. Lavigne and Maxi are fast, and considering Embiid’s grip under the basket, they are expected to be in strong harmony.’

In addition, the Miami Heat, the Toronto Raptors, and the Golden State Warriors are considered candidates.

However, Miami has no A-list player to give up in a trade to Chicago, and unless Golden State disposes of Klay Thompson, it is not easy to bring in Lavigne. In the case of Toronto, it is not easy to bring in Lavigne unless it deals with sign forward Pascal Siakam.

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