After cutting out the hard blister, KKKKKKKKKKKKK 1 point + 2G consecutive 100 balls…

Lee Eui-ri started the final game between the teams against the Samsung Lions at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 9th, threw 115 pitches in five ⅔ innings, gave up five hits and four walks, and pitched well with one run with 10 strikeouts. He was pulled out of 0-1 behind, but as a result, he laid the groundwork for a 3-1 reverse electrode. 스포츠토토

In the first inning, he easily turned it over with a grounder to second base, a grounder to shortstop, and a strikeout. Ahead of the second episode, he showed a cut-off of the hard blister on his left forefinger. He hit a double behind center field by leadoff hitter Kang Min-ho and walked Kim Jae-sung after one out. However, he induced Kim Hyun-joon to fly to the outfield without shaking, and Cho Min-sung struck out.

In the third inning, Kim Ho-jae gave up a hit and Pirella walk after two outs, but Kang Min-ho threw an outside changeup to induce a swing. From the fourth inning, he showed stability and deceived Lee Jae-hyun and Kim Jae-sung with consecutive strikeouts, and Kim Hyun-joon handled it with a ground ball to first base. First baseman Oh Sun-woo caught the difficult bound with a sensational glove.

He faced the biggest crisis in the fifth inning. After one out, he walked Kang Joon-seo, the ninth batter, and got a right-handed hit by Ryu Ji-hyuk. He struck out Kim Ho-jae but allowed another walk in a full count match with Pirella. He met No. 4 Kang Min-ho in a bases-loaded crisis. He also threw a slider after a full-count battle, and Kang Min-ho’s bat went wrong.

It was a moment that swept away my heart. Even though he pitched 95 pitches, he also took the mound in the sixth inning. He recorded his 10th strikeout against Kim Jae-sung. However, it was the cause of the fire that he threw a wild pitch after getting a hit from Kim Hyun-joon after two outs. Cho Min-sung gave up a timely hit in front of the left fielder and lost his first point. I made the steel plate as it was. Kim

He has been on the rise since his departure from the national team. On September 27, he pitched 78 pitches, three hits, one walk, and no runs in seven innings against NC. On October 3, KT threw 109 pitches and gave up four hits and five walks in five ⅓ innings, but blocked them with one run. It was the highest number of pitches since his debut. After the game on the 3rd, he kept his promise to throw 100 pitches in the next game.

He has allowed two runs (earned) in 18 innings in three games so far. He threw a salty water pitch of ERA 1.00. The season ERA also dropped to 3.98. He is also keeping his promise to do his best for the team’s come-from-behind fifth round as a starting pitcher. In this way, Yi Eui-ri is also achieving another growth.

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