‘Brazil’s First Division Striker’ Werrick Popo…

Suwon said in a press release on the 19th, “We have hired striker Werik Popo on loan from the Red Bull Braganchinu club in Brazil’s first division to double its offensive power. The uniform number is 45 and the contract period is one year,” he officially announced.

After entering Korea on the 17th, Werik Popo joined the team after completing a medical test on the 18th. The 22-year-old young striker, Werik Popo, grew up frighteningly, scoring 22 goals (47 games) for Oeste and Braganchinu last year. His career record in the Brazilian league is 34 goals and 4 assists in 85 games. 스포츠토토탑

Although he is 190cm tall, he has both flexibility and speed, and his aggressive breakthrough and fast shooting timing are considered his strengths. Suwon expects to increase its scoring ability in the second half of the year with more attack options than Werik Popo Gasaro.

“I’m very happy to be part of Suwon Samsung’s family,” said Werrick Popo, who entered the Big Bird. Above all, I thank the club and the coach for trusting me and recruiting me,” he said, adding, “I will put everything I have to help Suwon escape the crisis. “I want to leave my name as a successful player in the K League in the future,” he said.

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