Britain’s Mirror said on the 28th, “Medison deleted a derogatory tweet about Tottenham Hotspur, who will newly join.” “It’s a scenario that a player who was Coventry City Youth in 2012 would never have imagined,” he said, reporting a controversy that surfaced.

Medison said 11 years ago, “I hate Gareth Bale (former Tottenham). Calm down, monkey. “Jack Wilshire (former Arsenal) is 10 times better than you, he’s a chimpanzee,” he said, leaving a hateful comment. He also said, “I hope Luis Suarez (former Liverpool) will destroy Tottenham today. Don’t like Tottenham! Especially the monkey (vale) that everyone mentions.

“Mirrors” said, “Medison has raised controversial views targeting Tottenham’s big star. Of course, if Madison succeeds at Tottenham, the past will be forgotten,” he added. 스포츠토토탑

Tottenham officially announced on the club’s website on the 29th, “I will accompany Medison until June 2028. Before the official announcement, Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with the European football transfer market, said, “Tottenham has verbally agreed with Leicester City to recruit Madison. Last night’s talks between the two sides took place in the final stages and agreed on personal terms, he said.

Medison’s transfer fee is 40 million pounds (about 66.3 billion won). Medical tests and contract signatures are left. Tottenham will complete the contract with Madison within 24 hours, and an official announcement will be made thereafter, he said, adding the signature “here we go,” which means the signing of the contract.

Medison entered the English Premier League (EPL) after going through Coventry in the third division and Norwich City in the second division before moving to Leicester. Adaptation to the league and competition for the starting lineup were not a problem at all. In the 2018-19 season, Madison swept 14 offensive points (7 goals and 7 assists).

I shot a career high last season. He proved himself by scoring 12 goals and 8 assists in 35 EPL matches. The sharpness remained the same this season. Leicester was demoted after an endless slump, but Madison scored 10 goals and 9 assists in 30 games and shone with military discipline.

Rumors of a transfer erupted when Leicester’s relegation was confirmed. Tottenham and Newcastle United came to mind among several clubs. Tottenham have been selected as a player who will inspire creativity in the offense. Newcastle considered it as a reinforcement for the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

A situation has developed in favor of Tottenham. This is because Newcastle turned to AC Milan midfielder Sandro Tonali. The British Telegraph said, “Newcastle also aimed for Madison, but interest cooled as he turned to Tonali. “Thanks to this, Tottenham is able to step up their efforts,” he explained.

The negotiations developed quickly. “Tottenham wants to sign a contract with Madison within this week,” the media said. Medison is the top goal that new coach Enje Postecoglou is aiming for. Leicester are demanding 60 million pounds (about 99.4 billion won), but Tottenham wants a compromise that will cost 40 million pounds (about 66.4 billion won) plus additional costs and installments, he added.

In the end, Tottenham gained creativity that it lacked after Christian Eriksen by recruiting Madison. However, controversy erupted even before joining the team as immature childhood tweets were re-examined.

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