Construction of a complex center in Sanul-dong, Sejong City begins Specialized Youth Future Talent Center

On the 20th, the Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency (Happiness Administration) held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a complex community center (complex center) in Sanul-dong (6-3 living area), Sejong City and announced that full-scale construction has begun.Sanul-dong Complex Community Center is a facility that gathers public services such as administration, welfare, childcare, culture, and sports in one place. By the second half of 2026, 48.9 billion won will be invested to construct a building with 1 underground floor and 3 above-ground floors, and a building area of ​​12,061㎡. build

The center will include a community center, senior culture center, child care facility, shared childcare sharing center, cultural house, sports facility, library, and youth future talent center (youth 4th industry experience center).In particular, we specialized in youth future talent centers, which were not found in existing complex centers, and improved connectivity with surrounding schools.In order to create an organic connection with the nearby cultural park, the Happiness Office broke down the boundary by removing the step between the public open space of the complex center and the cultural park, and created the central plaza inside the complex center connected to the park into an open space that allows free access for each facility. We plan to create an open space that is easily accessible to all community members. Jeon Cheon-gyu, head of the Public Facilities Architecture Department, said, “Once this complex center opens, residents will be able to conveniently receive a variety of services in one space,” adding, “We will create an open space 무료슬롯게임 that encompasses generations and connects the community.”

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