Even if it’s salty, it’s too salty…KIM, who has played hard amid the controversy over excessive labor, returned with an “unbelievable rating.”

German media outlet Bild released the average rating of Munich’s team that finished the first half of the Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season on the 23rd (Korea time). Munich, which had 38 points in 15 matches, finished the first half by ranking second. It is chasing after Bayer Leverkusen (42 points).

Munich won 2-1 at an away match in Wolfsburg on the 21st, finishing the last match of the Bundesliga with a victory. After a friendly match against Basel on January 6, Munich will start the second half of the Bundesliga against Hoffenheim on January 13.

The closer the highest score is to 1, the higher the evaluation, and Leroy Sane, who played all 15 games and was ranked first in the league with eight assists, was ranked first in Munich with two points. However, Kim Min-jae, who played the same number of games and firmly adhered to the defensive line alone while his teammates were injured, ranked 16th out of 20 players with a 3.2667 rating. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

The criteria for “built” ratings are somewhat questionable. Stielike Matthijs de Licht, a defender who played in only five matches due to injury, ranked third overall with 2.6 points. This raises questions about the criteria for selection. Even midfielder Aleksandar Pavlovic, who played in four matches, ranks seventh with a 2.75. Midfielder Frans Cratchig, who played in just two matches, ranks 12th with a score of 3.0. Given this, it is hard to understand why Kim Min-jae, who played in all 15 matches, ranks 16th.

“Bild” is well known for giving “salty ratings” to Kim Min-jae and Munich’s defense this season. If there were no offensive points or if Munich had fewer defensive opportunities in the first place in a game that won a great victory, they tended not to recognize the influence of the defender. When Munich defeated Darmstadt 8-0 in October, Munich’s defense rating was only two to three.

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