“Four goals and three assists in 13 games.” After Manchester United left, a real talent is crazy. “Considering full recruitment.”

England’s “90MIN” reported on the 14th, “Greenwood has been loaned to Getafe after an agreement with Manchester United, and has scored four goals and three assists in 13 games so far. The future of Greenwood has yet to be decided, and Getafe President Angel Corres is considering a full recruitment. The current contract between Manchester United and Greenound is scheduled to expire in 2025.”

According to media, Corres said, “We haven’t talked about transferring fees. It’s still too early to talk about another season, and United will set a price. I believe in Greenwood a lot. He hasn’t played in the last 16 months, but he will be on track from January to February next year. Greenwood will bring joy.”

Greenwood is a star-studded youth that Manchester United boasted. The rising star who grew up representing England by age has made his name known in earnest since he made his professional debut in the 2018-19 season. He scored 10 goals in 31 matches of the English Premier League during the 2019-20 season, and proved his potential by scoring five goals in the UEFA Europa League. 카지노사이트 순위

Greenwood, who was growing up without hesitation, caused trouble outside the ground. Since being selected for the England national team in 2020, it has been known to the outside world that an outsider woman was allowed into the hotel with Phil Foden. At that time, he was disgraced by not only violating COVID-19 quarantine rules but also criticizing his promiscuous personal life. Greenwood regretted his wrongdoing and ended the situation.

However, controversy arose again. He was arrested for sexual assault and threatening to kill his girlfriend. Voice recording circulating on social media shocked the whole of Britain. Manchester United said, “I am aware of the suspicion circulating on social media. I will not comment further until the truth is revealed. Violence of any kind is not condoned. I will not return to training or playing games until further notice.” As such, Greenwood disappeared.

The result was innocent. However, returning to the ground was impossible. In the end, last summer, United decided to bid farewell to Greenwood. “We have completed our investigation into Greenwood. The process began in February 2023 when all charges were dropped. We tried to gather as much information as possible. Based on the information we obtained, Greenwood concluded that he had no connection to the charged crime, but he made a mistake and took responsibility, as he admitted today. Everyone knows it is difficult to continue his career at United. Therefore, we have mutually agreed that it would be best for Greenwood to leave Old Trafford,” he said in the announcement.

“I grew up knowing that violence or abuse was my fault in any relationship,” Greenwood said ahead of the club’s announcement. “I cleared myself of all charges in February, but I will accept that I made a mistake and take responsibility. As a professional player, I am learning responsibility and focusing on my role as a father as well as a good partner. The best decision for all of us is to leave Old Trafford and continue our careers. I thank my family and everyone who supported me, and now I have to repay the trust. I want to be a better player, but I want to be a good father and a good person. I will positively utilize my talents both on and off the field.” Thus, the eight-year-old relationship between United and Greenwood ended.

Greenwood, who is heading to Spain, is displaying remarkable performances. He has seven attack points (four goals and three assists) in 13 matches including Spain’s La Liga and Copa del Rey (the King’s Cup). Getafe hopes to continue the trend by fully recruiting Greenwood.

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