Go Woo Seok, I’m going to San Diego…LG allows ML to go on a grand scale

LG said Tuesday that it will allow Ko to play in the U.S. Major League. With just one year to go before becoming a free agent, Ko declared his bid to play in the Major League in a surprise move after his team won the Korean Series last season. He thus knocked on his way to the U.S. stage through posting.

However, no specific news was delivered locally. It was connected to the St. Louis Cardinals at the beginning of the posting period, but it quickly waned. So, Ko Woo-seok’s big league challenge seemed to fail. 메이저 토토사이트

However, a twist has occurred. On Thursday (Korea time), one day before the posting period ends. According to a local news report, Ko is close to signing a contract with Kim Ha-sung’s San Diego Padres.

Of course, LG also received the information from Ko. “We have heard the conditions. We have reported it to our superiors, and we are waiting for a decision,” LG’s general manager Cha Myung-seok said.

When LG allowed Ko Woo-seok’s posting, it listened to the conditions. The club wanted to give permission when it could receive satisfactory compensation. They could not send their finishing pitcher at a ‘cheap price’. Of course, knowing the player’s willingness to go to the U.S., they decided to actively help him if they had a certain amount of money that was convincing.

However, it was possible to speculate that the amount of money did not belong to LG because they could not make a decision immediately after hearing the conditions. However, the reversal scenario in which the high-ranking officials of the group and the club highly appreciated the player’s spirit of challenge and decided to send it to LG could not be ruled out.

All contracts had to be concluded within 7 a.m. on Friday in Korean time. LG also had to make a quick decision. After much thought, the team won the bid to advance to the Major League.

Even LG doesn’t know what the details of the contract are yet. Now that LG has given permission, detailed negotiations are underway locally between Ko’s agent and San Diego, and will be finalized. LG could only know the approximate total amount.

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