If you get a hit, the Dodgers will win 23 games without losing…The all-time “victory blue bird” came to mind

If he hits it, he will win. Miguel Rojas (35) has emerged as the “victory bluebird” of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rojas started as the fifth batter and shortstop in an away game for the Chicago White Sox at Gueranted Rate Field in Illinois on the 25th (Korea time), and scored two hits and one run from four times at bat, contributing to his 3-0 victory.

Rojas, who grounded out to second base in the first inning of the first inning, hit a critical leadoff double in the seventh inning following a hit in the middle of the fourth inning. The Dodgers followed Gavin Lux’s groundout to first base, and Kiké Hernandez hit a finishing RBI double after Rojas advanced to third base. With one out and two bases on the second base, Rojas’ double served as a catalyst for the victory, taking advantage of opponent shortstop Paul Deyong’s throwing error to first base.

What’s interesting is the Dodgers’ winning formula. According to MLB.COM, the official website of the Major League Baseball, the White Sox have 23 wins and no losses in games where Rojas has had one or more hits this season. “This is the longest winning streak a team has had when a certain player has a hit since 1900,” said Sarah Reims, an MLB record expert, on social media. The previous record was 20 consecutive wins that Carlos Peña (then the Tampa Bay Rays) made in 2010. 토토사이트 꽁머니

“I don’t know why,” Rojas said. “It’s part of me that I try to have hits in the batter’s box. I’m glad that my team has always won games.” His teammate Hernandez said, “When Rojas makes a hit, we will win.” Rojas has gained weight in his team since Mookie Betts, the leading shortstop, was out of the lineup due to a fractured left hand. He has been in the starting lineup for six of seven games since Betts’ injury, and has been contributing to his team’s advancement in every game thanks to his stellar performance.

Although his main position is shortstop, Rojas from Venezuela has all-weather resources to cover his infield position. He is an 11-year veteran of the big league and posted a batting average of 0.284 (38 hits in 134 times at bat) with three home runs and 15 RBIs in 49 games this season.

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