Imana, I’m so behind in the NL Rookie of the Year competition? 11 hits and 10 runs that I’ve never experienced before, “the worst pitch.”

After joining the Chicago Cubs last winter, Imana took the mound in 13 games, posting 7 wins and 1 loss with a 1.89 ERA, and was considered the winner of the National League Cy Young Award as well as the Rookie of the Year award. However, Imana’s pitching on the day was completely different from what she had been doing before. She left behind the worst pitching ever that she had never experienced even when playing for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars in the Japanese pro baseball league.

Imanaga started the game with a double by leadoff hitter Francisco Lindor from the start of the first inning. After that, he gave up a walk to Brandon Nimmo and couldn’t find stability, and was hit by a four-seam fastball thrown to his follow-up hitter J.D. Martinez, allowing a three-run homer. Imanaga then struck out Pete Alonso, grounded out Starling Marte and tied Mark Vientos to center field, ending the inning without additional runs.

Imana’s shaky start didn’t end in the first inning. Imana was hit by a high fastball by Francisco Alvarez at the start of the second inning, and gave up her second homer on the day, giving up her fourth run. After the hit by Jose Iglesias, Imana seemed to take a breather by tying both Harrison Bader and Lindor with fly balls, but was hit by a fastball thrown to Nemo once again, and this time, she hit a two-run shot to the left field fence.

As four of his five hits (two homeruns) came off of four-seam fastballs at the end of the second inning, Imana changed her pitching pattern starting in the third inning. However, this was useless, too. Imana allowed a hit to Jose Iglesias at a crisis point again, including a double to Alonso in the third inning and consecutive hits to Marte. Imana showed up in the fourth inning, however, and as a result, Imana’s pitching got worse.

At the start of the fourth inning, Imanaga was hit again by Lindor when he hit the sweeper, and Nemo also gave up a hit on the sweeper, facing a crisis of first and second bases. Here, Martinez allowed a timely hit on the splitter, widening the gap to 8-1. In the end, the Cubs bench decided to replace Imanara early, but the loss continued.

Hayden Wesneski, who took over the baton from Imanaga, dedicated a walk to Alonso on the first and second bases with no outs, causing a bases-loaded crisis, and Imanaga’s successor homered as he traded a point for Marte’s outcount. Wesneski then gave up the walk once again, creating a bases-loaded crisis, and then hitting a two-run timely hit by Iglesias, and the runs soared to 10 runs as Imanaga’s responsible runners all scored.

Imanaga, who had never experienced a 10-run game even in Japan, was left with the worst pitch of 11 hits (three homers) and 10 runs in three innings on the day, and his ERA soared to 2.96 for the season, which was only 1.89. Of course, the loss was a bonus. As Paul Skins (Pittsburgh Pirates), who is now called a “special promising player,” has been pitching hard, it was a career-low enough pitch that Imanaga could be quickly pushed out of the race for the Rookie of the Year in the National League. 토토사이트 추천

According to Japan’s Nikkan Sports, Imana said after the game, “The Mets’ batting lineup, my condition when I was playing against the Mets, and my condition today were different. The Mets’ batters responded properly. I should have responded to the opponent’s countermeasures…”When we warm up, we don’t usually get the same results as when we’re in good shape, but there are times when we’re in good shape, and when we don’t warm up well, we’re in good shape. Today was normal,” he said.

Although Imana said she was in a “normal” condition, her speed seemed to have dropped significantly. “Last time, I slightly reduced my fastballs early on, and threw 93 miles in the seventh inning. At first, my plan was to lower my speed and slowly come up. However, I got it right before then. When the opponent comes out with a countermeasure, I think we need to think about what to do next,” Imana added.

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