‘Jose multi goal + Shin Songhoon save show’ Chungnam Asan wins 2-0 over Seoul E-Land… 5th straight unbeaten + 3rd place

Chungnam Asan FC continued its unstoppable rise against Seoul E-Land, boosting its bid for the top spot.

Chungnam Asan won 2-0 at home against Seoul Eland in the 20th round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at the Yi Sunshin Sports Complex at 7:30 p.m. on Monday.

It was their third straight win and extended their unbeaten record to five matches (four wins and one draw). They moved up from fourth to third place with 30 points. They are seven points clear of leaders FC Anyang (37 points) and two points clear of second-place Jeonnam Dragons (32 points). 토토사이트 추천 Seoul E-Land has lost three straight matches.

Home team Chungnam Asan lined up in a 4-3-3. Song Seung-min, Park Dae-hoon, and Joo Ning-yo played up top, while Kim Seung-ho, Hwang Ki-wook, and Kim Jong-seok played in the middle. The back four was Kang Joon-hyuk, Lee Eun-beom, Choi Hee-won, and Lee Hak-min, with Shin Song-hoon in goal.

The away team, Seoul E-Land, also lined up in a 4-3-3. The three top was Chang-Joon Kim, Kimyeol, and Bruno Silva, and the midfield was Kazuki, Osmar, and Seo Jae-min. The back four was Park Min-seo, Kim Min-gyu, Kim Oh-gyu, and Cha Seung-won, with Yoon Bo-sang in goal.

The first half was a one-sided affair for Seoul Eland. Silva’s right-footed mid-range shot in the fourth minute hit the post. Four minutes later, Kim Gyeol’s right-footed mid-range shot from a Silva heel kick and Silva’s surprise mid-range shot from near the centerline in the 16th minute were both saved by Shin Song-hoon.

Chungnam Asan opened the scoring after Shin’s performance. In the 29th minute, Kim Jong-seok’s right-footed mid-range shot was blocked by Yoon Bo-sang, and Joo Ning-yo’s shot from the ensuing second ball was also saved by Yoon.

Both teams then exchanged chances. Seoul Eland had the first chance in the 34th minute when Silva’s right-footed mid-range shot was saved by Shin Song-hoon. Chungnam Asan also had a chance in the 43rd minute when Kang Joon-hyuk’s cutback from Song Seung-min’s cross went wide.

Both teams made changes at the start of the second half. Chungnam Asan brought on Kang Min-kyu, while Seoul Eland brought on Ikoba and Lee Dong-ryul. Chungnam Asan added Jose in the 10th minute of the second half to further strengthen their offense.

The move paid off. Jose opened the scoring in the 16th minute with a diving header from Kim Seung-ho’s cross from the left flank.

Seoul Eland pushed for an equalizer after conceding the goal, but Shin Song-hoon made the save. In the 22nd minute of the second half, Silva’s header from Kazuki’s corner kick was saved by Shin Song-hoon.

Shin Song-hoon also made another interception in front of Seoul Eland. Lee Joon-seok tried a mid-range shot in the 38th minute, but Shin’s hand went wide.

Jose, who scored the opening goal, put the game out of reach. In the 44th minute, he exchanged two-on-one passes with Yoo Dong-gyu and finished with his right foot in a one-on-one opportunity. The lead held up the rest of the way to secure the 2-0 victory.

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