K-Otani, will you fulfill your wish? 18-year-old Jeon Mir will play for the first time in Lotte’s uniform…The result is

Jeon Mir was selected by Lotte in the first round (No. 3 overall) in the 2024 KBO League Rookie Draft held in September. The down payment is 300 million won.

He is a player with an imposing physique of 1m 88, 95kg and a power built with muscles. For Lotte, he is also a direct junior to Park Se-woong and Jin Seung-hyun. 스포츠토토

In particular, while working as a pitcher and batter like Ohtani in high school, he showed off his talents from both sides, drawing keen attention. In batting, he is evaluated as a tool guy with not only high school-level power but also balance, timing, and pioneering ability. As a pitcher, he has both physical strength and soft pitching form that can play more than 100 pitches on fastball over 150km.

In particular, he was well received for his grit, spirit of adventurer, and responsibility as a main player who led Gyeongbuk High School to its first Cheongryonggi championship in 30 years. The disadvantage is that he lacks experience in defensive positions as he is also a pitcher, but Lotte will give Jeon Mir a chance to play both pitching and hitting for the time being.

After finishing the first pitch, Jeon Mir was interviewed by reporters. Busan = Reporter Kwon In-ha
Jeon Mir first joined the Lotte Futures squad led by General Manager Bae Young-soo on the 15th and played as the fourth designated hitter in the education league against the Softbank Hawks’ third division. It was his first experience in a game wearing a Lotte uniform.

Jeon Mir had no hit in three at-bats on the day, but after getting a walk in his first at-bat in the first inning, he stepped home and scored when the next batter Ko Seung-min hit a two-run timely hit. He struck out in the third inning and retired with a fly ball to left field in the sixth and eighth innings, respectively.

Lotte took the lead with three runs in the first inning, adding to the opponent’s starting pitcher’s wild pitch, but later failed to target the opponent’s mound and lost 3-7. Starter Yoon Sung-bin allowed two runs in two innings, and second pitcher Kim Dong-kyu allowed three runs (two earned runs) in two innings. Afterwards, Park Myung-hyun (1 inning scoreless), Jang Se-jin (2 innings allowed 2 runs), Kim Kang-hyun (1 inning scoreless), and Park Jin (1 inning scoreless).

The game was the first game joined by 2024 Lotte rookies. However, Chung Hyun-soo (2nd round), Lee Ho-joon (3rd round), and Lee Sun-woo (7th round) will join in the future to participate in the National Sports Festival. Lotte will not rush pitchers to play in this educational league. However, the plan is to give fielders a chance.

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