“Kane-Kim Min-jae Recruitment Munich Fails in Summer Transfer Market” Forbes ‘Scratch’… Pointing out Munich’s thin

“Bayern Munich’s squad this season is very thin,” Forbes said on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time), adding, “We didn’t recruit players properly in the transfer market last summer. That’s why I failed,” he explained.

Bayern Munich recruited Kim Min-jae in the transfer market last summer. 온라인경마

Kim Min-jae, who joined Turkiye Fenerbahce through Jeonbuk Hyundai-Beijing Guoan (China), was immediately recognized for his ability.

And he joined Italy’s Serie A Napoli and reached the top position. He showed off his stable defense and rear build-up skills, giving Napoli the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years. Kim Min-jae, who showed his best performance in his Serie A debut season, was selected as the best defender.

In addition, Kim Min-jae was selected as a candidate for the 2023 Ballon d’Or. It’s unusual. In particular, Kim Min-jae was highly praised for his poor work.

It was the fifth Korean player to be named. Seol Ki-hyun of Anderrecht (Belgium) in 2002, Park Ji-sung of Manchester United in 2005, and Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur in 2019 and 2022 were selected as candidates. Kim Min-jae will be the first in history to expand his scope to Asia in the defender position.

Even at other ages, the best players who could be known by their names were listed. Jude Bellingham at the age of 20, Erling Holland at the age of 23, Kylian Mbappe at the age of 24, Harry Kane at the age of 30, and Mohamed Salah at the age of 31 were ranked as the best soccer players in the world.Lionel Messi is the world’s best among 36 years old.

There are only three central defenders nominated for the Ballon d’Or, including Kim Min-jae. They are Joschko Gvardiol and Hubain Dias (Manchester City).

Bayern Munich paid the highest transfer fee ever in Asia, invoking a buyout clause.

Kim’s transfer fee is reportedly 50 million euros (71 billion won). Bayern Munich conducted a medical test in Korea for Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae, who won the gold medal at the 2018 Palembang-Jakarta Asian Games, received basic military training to exempt him from military service. Bayern Munich sent officials directly to Korea to complete the medical test.

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel was so happy that he gave Kim Min-jae a kiss.

Kim Min-jae joined Bayern Munich and said, “Bayern Munich is a team that every soccer player dreams of. So I decided to transfer. First of all, the goal is to play in the game. Furthermore, I want to win the UEFA Champions League. I want to win both league and cup competitions and achieve a treble, he said.

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel said, “Kim Min-jae is a big, fast and very reliable defender. His career is really unique. It shows that he has proven his ability over and over again. Kim Min-jae is happy to join Bayern Munich. We made video calls several times. Kim Min-jae is a real man. I’m ready to play right away,” he said.

Kim Min-jae, who is starting in both Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League matches played by Bayern Munich this season, also started against Mainz and led the defense by playing full-time.

Bayern Munich are experiencing a defensive vacuum amid controversy over centre-back De Ligt’s return from injury but another centre-back Upamecano is injured and flanker Mazrawi’s recent support for Palestine. Kim Min-jae, who returned to Bayern Munich after playing both of the national soccer team’s October A matches, showed off his unwavering skills by playing full-time against Mainz.

Bayern Munich coach Tuchel mentioned Kim Min-jae’s performance through Sky Sports in Germany after the match against Mainz. “We can’t handle the continuing injuries of players,” he said after laughing that “it’s true if the president says so,” about Bayern Munich’s chairman Hönes’ prediction that there will be no major player recruitment in the transfer market this winter despite a number of defender vacancies.

In particular, he said, “I am confident about the skills of our team’s defenders. There is something about Kim Min-jae’s legs, who also played in the national team, he said, “What we can provide is to allow the players to recharge.”

Ahead of the opening of this season, Tuchel said, “A pass is a pass. Passing is not a flashy thing, but an inside kick, he said. “Kim Min-jae’s first ball touch is ball control and his second ball touch is pass. be at the right tempo. It’s not too hard or too slow. My cheeks don’t even pop. It’s a great figure. This is because it is a part that I expect from the player who proceeds with the build-up. “I love it because it fits the build-up perfectly,” he said.

Bayern Munich defeated Mainz 3-1 in the eighth round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season on the 22nd.

It is on an unbeaten run since the opening. It is cruising with six wins, two draws and 20 points.

However, Kim Min-jae’s near-excessive performance is because the squad is thin.

Dayot Upamecano, Nusser Mazrawi, Rafael Guerreiro, Serge Gnabra and Manuel Neuer are out due to injuries. Leon Goretzka suffered a hand injury against Mainz.

Of the 26 players, seven were on the bench against Mainz. But most of them were promising players. They are not players who can be overwhelmed when they face each other perfectly. Especially in Bayern Munich, it is right that more outstanding players play.

Kim Min-jae and other key players are encouraging. However, Bayern Munich should also understand the situation where Kim Min-jae will leave for the national team.

Kim Min-jae should play in the Asian Cup in January next year. Not only Kim Min-jae but also the main players will be called up to the Africa Cup of Nations. Therefore, it is true that the current squad is not enough to overcome the absence of the main players.

What’s even more frustrating is that Bayern Munich currently has no special plans to reinforce its players.

Forbes said, “In the winter transfer market in January 2024, reinforcement is essential. However, Bayern Munich has no clear plan, he said. “Former Bayern Munich chairman and board member Yuli Hönes stressed that there will be no large-scale recruitment in the January transfer market.”

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel responded to former chairman Hönes’ remarks, saying, “We can’t handle a big injury crisis. Players like Kim Min-jae are playing every game with the national team. All we can do is for existing players to recover, play, recover, and play.”

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