‘Monster Rookie’ Skins’ First QS+ Struggle → ‘Going straight for NL Rookie of the Year’

Paul Skins (22, Pittsburgh Pirates), who throws four-seam fastballs over 99 miles on average, is on a roll. He has achieved his first quality start+ since his Major League debut.

Pittsburgh had a home game against the Tampa Bay Rays at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 24th (Korea time).

As Pittsburgh’s starting pitcher, Skins threw 98 pitches (69 strikes) in seven innings, and flew with six hits, one run and eight strikeouts. 토토사이트 추천

This is the highest number of innings pitched in a single game. Previously, since his Major League debut, he recorded four innings in six games and one in 61/3 innings.

In response, Skins recorded his first quality start+ with good pitching. Spectators at PNC Park gave a standing ovation to Skins.

The only run was a home run hit by leadoff hitter Yandy Diaz in the first inning. Afterwards, Skins was immediately doubled by Josh Lowe, but no further runs were lost.

In addition, Skins was on the verge of loading the bases with one out and three singles after one out in the third inning, but he induced Isaac Paredes to play a double play to prevent additional runs.

Continuing, Skins stopped the run with his own power even in the fourth inning with one out and runners on the first and second bases, and from the fifth to the seventh inning, he made three consecutive three-out moves.

Despite quality start + good pitching, however, the team was satisfied with the game. The team’s batters only scored one point through the seventh inning. Pittsburgh’s relief team also allowed two runs right after the game.

Pittsburgh lost 1-3 in the eighth inning after Collin Holderman gave up two runs. Tampa Bay’s Kevin Kelly won and Holderman took the loss.

Tampa Bay’s batters broke the balance with Randy Arozarena’s sacrifice fly in the eighth inning, and Rich Palacios’ timely hit widened the gap to win.

Stunning regardless of victory or defeat, Skins pitched 46 1/3 innings in eight games this season, winning four games and losing no loss with an earned run average of 2.14. He struck out a whopping 61.

His earned run average (ERA) in the four games he played this month amounted to 1.85. Now, he is likely to go straight to win the Rookie of the Year award in the National League, beating the Japanese pitcher duo.

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