New Nevada Online Poker Site Makes 100,000th Deal

“We were the biggest poker room in the United States at the time, I would say,” Ultimate Gaming CEO Tobin Prior said Friday.

Company officials said the launch of Ultimate Poker, the country’s first legally regulated paid online game website, exceeded expectations.

Ultimate Fokker Chairman Tom Brightling did not want to disclose the official numbers for the first few days of a website that only accepts bets from gamblers playing games on computers or mobile devices located within the Nevada border.

Bratling shared information with Nevada’s gaming regulator. 카지노사이트 순위

He said Ultimate Poker is collecting revenue through a rake, which is the percentage of bets placed on each pot being removed from a house. The website is also collecting revenue through the cost of the competition.

Nevada will soon earn 6.75% of its revenue, the state’s first game through online gambling.

Station Casino Inc., controlled by brothers Frank Pertita III and Lorenzo Pertita, owns 57 percent of Ultimate Poker. Breitling, who owns 14 percent, led the development of Ultimate Poker, which has brand and marketing ties with the Pertita-owned Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Breitling said players are registering as users on their websites and through checkout cages inside all station casino buildings in Southern Nevada. Players can use the casino to add money to their accounts and withdraw their jackpot.

Bratling said what was surprising was the number of customers setting up accounts outside of Nevada through their website, even though they weren’t actually accessible until they entered Nevada.

“I think that’s evidence of Las Vegas,” Bratling said, “and people are planning their trip and saying this is going to be part of it.”

Station Casino plans to connect player club rewards programs to activities on Ultimate Poker so that customers can earn points in online betting. The company’s casino has been promoting the launch of Ultimate Poker all week.

Ultimate Poker offers Texas Hold M poker unlimitedly through single-ticket cash games, sit-down events, and various tournaments. Poker games can be bought from a few cents to $100.

Ultimate Poker is hosting its first tournament on Sunday, an event that guarantees $10,000 in prize money.

“We’re seeing a great response,” said Breitling, who has been working to revive Ultimate Poker for three years.

The company employs more than 100 people in technology and customer service. This week, Brightling said it has hired more people to answer customers’ questions.

The website was initially congested with access, and the sign-up process slowed down somewhat. In addition, geolocation and age verification protocols slowed down the time it took to register.

The previously mentioned problem is being resolved.

“We are satisfied with how the technology has responded,” he said.

Bratling said the first 72 hours went back to 1998, when he helped launch his first online travel bookings in the U.S. through the telegraph of .

The experience of Internet poker was similar.

“People are still getting customer service inquiries just because we’re breaking new ground,” Bratling said, “and we know they’re being led to a trusted website.”

Since Nevada’s adoption of online gaming regulations after the 2011 legislative session, nearly two dozen casino operators and technology providers have been granted permission by the state’s gaming regulators.

It’s unclear when the next Nevada online poker website will go live.

Ultimate Poker expects its business to pick up steam as summer approaches. In late May, the World Series of Poker is expected to attract thousands of poker players, kicking off a six-week run in Rio.

“It’s good to have a 100% market share right now,” Prior said.

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