Ohtani’s No. 1 is perfect? The savior who saved the Dodgers in crisis, also plays third base on home runs, ‘7G 4 home runs exploded’

The Los Angeles Dodgers faced a big bad news in the game against Kansas City at Dodger Stadium, its home stadium, on June 17 (Korea time). Following Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s inclusion on the injured list on the 15th due to a rotator cuff injury before the game, the team’s key hitter and leadoff Mookie Betts left after being hit by a ball in his left hand during the game. 토토사이트 순위

It was reported that he could predict the extent of his injury from Betts’ struggle, which was more painful than usual, and that a fracture was found in his hand at a postgame checkup. It was a sad news that it would take about two months from rehabilitation to preparation. Right now, it became important how to fill the position Betts used to play. Although his batting performance has been declining slightly in recent years, Betts was the team’s strong leadoff and main shortstop. It seemed difficult for both sides to fill Betts’ gap.

However, a savior named Shohei Ohtani (30) appeared in the scene. Ohtani, who was deployed mostly at the second batting order after Betts this year, took charge of the leadoff when his team needed him. It was an important situation that could affect the Dodgers’ offense capability depending on Ohtani’s batting performance. Ohtani has been active in this role every day, erasing some of the disappointment caused by Betts’ absence. Perhaps he is more active at the first batting order.

Ohtani, who took the lead as soon as he got on the road to Colorado, was active in the game on the 18th, recording three hits, one walk and two runs in five at-bats, including two doubles. Ohtani, who recently expected a rebound in hitting sense as the bat less frequently went out on the manned ball falling outside the strike zone, continued that feeling in the leadoff position.

Ohtani, who had two hits (one homer) and two RBIs from five times at bat in Tuesday’s game, completely filled Betts’ gap by making two hits and three RBIs from five times at bat in Tuesday’s game. He also showed his strength by making one hit (one homer) and two walks from three times at bat in Tuesday’s game. Ohtani, who hit his 21st home run this season, posted a batting average of 0.318, and his on-base percentage of 0.388 to 0.391, respectively, while his on-base percentage (OPS) for this season marked 1.006.

His cannonball started from the beginning. As the leadoff hitter in the first inning, Ohtani garnered a 2B-1S count against Colorado starter Blak, and hit a solo home run in the middle when sinker drove in the fourth pitch. The fast-rushing hit went over the fence, beyond desperate jump by Colorado center fielder Brenton Doyle. This home run gave Ohtani the upper hand in the home run race with Marcell Osuna of Atlanta.

Ohtani faced his second at-bat with runners on first and third base with two outs in the second inning with a 1-0 lead. There were not many pitchers who could face Ohtani in this situation, and Block’s control was shaken. Ohtani did not get greedy and drew a walk to inherit the opportunity to Will Smith, the follow-up batter. However, the Dodgers failed to score as Smith ended up with a fly ball to the left field.

After one out in the third inning with a 1-0 lead, Teoscar Hernandez hit a single to the right, followed by Andy Frazas hitting a timely double to left field to bring the first baseman home. Subsequent batter Miguel Rojas grounded out to third, but Miguel Vargas hit a timely hit to the right and began to take the lead by 3-0.

While Colorado’s batters were scoreless until the third inning, Dodgers steadily accumulated scores by hitting Will Smith’s homerun after two outs in the fourth inning with its 3-0 lead. Leadoff Chris Taylor hit a fly ball to left field and Shohei Ohtani struck out, leaving two outs and no runners, but Smith didn’t miss Blak’s sixth high sinker and hit his 11th homer of the season. It didn’t end there. Follow-up hitter Freddie Freeman also hit a solo homer in the middle of the season (11th of the season) to hit consecutive homeruns. Dodgers’ home run was 5-0 thanks to two players’ homeruns, and Dodgers took a stable lead.

Afterwards, the Dodgers failed to score additional points and was chased by Colorado. Jake Cave had a timely two-run shot in the bottom of the sixth inning, and allowed one run in the eighth inning. However, the Dodgers’ bullpen did not allow Colorado to turn the game around until the last minute. Ohtani continued to tease the Colorado mound by hitting four intentional balls in the eighth inning, and added two walks on the day. He got on base three times on the day, taking advantage of Colorado pitchers` mentality to avoid him when runners are present.

Ohtani had one hit (one homer) and two walks from three times at bat, and Will Smith from the second batting order and Freddie Freeman from the third batting order all three players hit solo shots, sending the ball past Coors Field with the power of long shots. Teoscar Hernandez from No. 4 had three hits from five times at bat, and Chris Taylor from No. 9 had two hits from three times at bat, signaling signs of recovery. Dodgers’ batting average was 12 hits on the day, giving strength to its batters overall.

Gavin Stone won his eighth game of the season by allowing four hits, seven strikeouts, and two runs in five ⅓, while the bullpen session led by Blake Treinen, Daniel Hudson, Alex Bessia, and Evan Phillips completed three ⅔ with one run, blocking Colorado’s pursuit. The Dodgers, which successfully completed its Colorado away game, will hold a freeway series against the Los Angeles Angels from Wednesday at Dodger Stadium.

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