“Peddy 31, Uncertain of Compensation…May Not Trade” You Don’t See KBO’s 20 Win Monster MVP in ML Fall Baseball? Interesting

For the first time, there was a view that Eric Peddy (31, Chicago White Sox) would not be traded ahead of the trade deadline. Bleacher Report was confident that the White Sox would be a seller on the 12th (Korean time), but predicted that Peddy may remain on the team.

Basically, Peddy is not the most likely player to trade with the White Sox, and the most likely card is left-handed ace Gerrit Krosher (25). Krosher has been a bullpen pitcher since his Major League debut in 2020, before turning to starting pitcher for the first time this year. He has posted six wins and five losses with a 3.33 ERA in 14 games, which is a good move.

The trade value is highest in the White Sox, including that he is still 25 years old, that he recovered his health after a year off from Tommy John surgery in 2022, and that he throws fast balls. Peddy is said to have improved his completeness as a starter after going to the KBO League, but he cannot live to the youth of Crosher.

In fact, he was an ordinary pitcher when he was with the Washington Nationals. This is the first full-time season in the Major League since he upgraded his performance. There were health issues in the past. Considering these factors, in many ways, his trade value is relatively lower than that of Krosher. 토토사이트 추천

Bleacher Report predicted that if the White Sox trade him, he may not get a decent price. “The 31-year-old has a 3.27 ERA in 13 games this season after an extremely successful season in the KBO league last year. There will be many suitors that the 31-year-old wants,” he said.

Blitzer said, “It’s unclear how much the White Sox will be rewarded. If general manager Chris Gaetz doesn’t feel rewarded, the White Sox could hold Freddie for $7.5 million a year in 2025.”

Of course, Bleacher Report also predicted that the White Sox would have a fire sale. Although his contract with Peddy is through next year, there is a high possibility that he will push the rebuilding button this time. Contender clubs whose postseason performance is important must be in a hurry, while White Sox players have relatively more leeway. Since many teams would want Peddy, White Sox also have the advantage of being able to listen to and choose from a trade offer. Considering these aspects, the prevailing view is that Peddy will eventually be traded as well. Peddy had no experience playing in the postseason when he was in Washington.

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