Pennsylvania House Passes Four Amendments To Expand Gambling

Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives on Wednesday passed four amendments to legislation that would not only authorize and regulate online gaming but also expand gambling in the state.

The amendment included legalizing the installation of up to five video game terminals (VGTs) in more than 12,000 eligible private clubs, taverns, and other venues holding state liquor licenses, and narrowly passing the addition of nearly $200 million in projected revenue into the budget by a 96-93 margin. Money from the machines will be shared by club owners (33%), video gambling terminal owners (33%), and state (34%). 슬롯머신

In addition, another amendment, passed by a vote of 124 to 72, will allow Pennsylvania Airports to install interactive games through multi-use computing devices. Only passengers who pass through airport security and have travel tickets will be eligible to use the machines.

With the addition of new amendments to the bill, no vote was cast on Wednesday, putting it under “review.” On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives adjourned for a day until 12 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Rep. John Payne (R-HB 649), who introduced the bill (HB 649) earlier this year, told Casino City he was “satisfied” with Wednesday’s situation, but the prevailing opinion is that the inclusion of the VGT amendment may ruin the bill in the long run, as casinos based on the state’s 12 lands strongly oppose any scenario of installing slot machines elsewhere than their own.

“Casinos are strongly opposed to the amendment, which means that as long as it forms part of the bill, casinos will lobby to overhaul the bill or, if necessary, repeal the measure,” Chris Krafcik, director of gambling compliance research, told Casino City. “In my opinion, there can’t be more ambitious and broad legislation than this passing without the support of casinos.”

The casinos made their case clear on Monday, when they banded together and emailed Payne and other Game Oversight Board members a detailed four-page letter.

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