‘Record of Disgrace’, which was only once in the history of Japanese professional baseball, Seibu heading there

It is already the fourth time in a row that the Seibu Lions has lost five consecutive games in this season. The Seibu Lions are on their way to the “record of humiliation,” which was only seen once in the history of Japanese pro baseball.

Seibu lost 0-2 in an away game against the Orix Buffaloes in the 2024 Japanese professional baseball league held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on the 21st. Ace Imai Tatsuya pitched hard, blocking eight innings with four hits, nine strikeouts and two runs, but suffered a bitter complete defeat without receiving any support from the batters.

Seibu has lost five consecutive games. Due to this, it lost five consecutive games for the fourth time in this season, and in particular, it suffered a lethargic shutout without scoring a point in the last three games.

With the loss, Seibu now has 19 wins and 45 losses in this season. The winning percentage stands at 0.297. If this continues, the team will lose 100 points in this season. It is truly a disgrace. 토토사이트 순위

In the history of Japanese professional baseball, there was only one team that lost 100 games this season. In 1961, the Kintetsu Buffaloes (now the Orix Buffaloes) was the main character, and at that time, Kintetsu had the worst record of 36 wins, 1 draw, and 103 losses in 140 games. The winning percentage was only 0.259.

Seibu’s record is 84 losses (38 wins and 8 draws) in 1971 when it was when it was playing for Nishitetsu. Its winning percentage was 0.311. Seibu’s pace has exceeded 84 losses, and it is capable of summoning the record of most losses in the Pacific League (38 wins, 1 draw, 97 wins, 0.281) and the record of 100 losses in 63 years by the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Seibu, a prestigious club in the Pacific League with 23 wins, the most in the Pacific League, and 13 wins in the Japan Series, has never been near the Japan Series since it beat the Yomiuri Giants to win the Japan Series in 2008. On top of that, it fell to the bottom early this season following last season’s fifth place, showing that it is truly the “fall of the prestigious family.”

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