Se-young, just give up!” Despite her mother’s sobbing, her daughter fought through it

The mother cried when she saw her collapsed daughter. He even shouted, “Stop abstaining,” but there was no way he could hear his daughter. Miraculously, however, the daughter rose to her feet again, finally winning two Asian Games gold medals for the first time in 29 years in Korean badminton history.

Ahn Se-young (21, Samsung Life Insurance) defeated Chen Yu-pei of China in the women’s singles final of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at Binjiang Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China on the 7th. World No. 1 Ahn Se-young beat third-ranked Chen Yu-pei with a set score of 2-1 (21-1817-21-8).

It is the second gold medal in this Asian Games until the team event on the 1st. Ahn Se-young won two Asian Games badminton titles for the first time in 29 years since Bang Soo-hyun at the 1994 Hiroshima Games. 스포츠토토

It wasn’t an easy victory. Ahn Se-young was initially expected to win a landslide victory, but there was an unexpected variable. Ahn Se-young fell down holding her right knee while leading 18 to 16 in the first set. The area of the injury where the pain was aggravated. Ahn Se-young, who called medical time, still won the first set by three points.

However, he failed to play properly in the second set, perhaps because of pain. Veteran Chen Yu-pei persistently attacked Ahn’s weaknesses. Ahn Se-young, whose movement became dull due to his knee, allowed a series of points.

Ahn Se-young, however, got back on his feet. Despite the pain in the third set, he played a rare defense, including hand-to-hand defense, making Cheon Wi-pei sick of it. When Ahn Se-young, who thought he had knocked down his opponent, survived, Cheon Yu-pei virtually gave up the game.

After the game, Ahn Se-young’s mother, Lee Hyun-hee (48), looked overwhelmed with emotion along with her husband, Ahn Jung-hyun (54). At the same time, there was water left in the red eyes.

Lee confessed, “In fact, when I was injured and collapsed, I shouted at Se-young to ‘stop giving up.'” An Se-young’s team Samsung Life Insurance official said, “At that time, my parents almost sat down and couldn’t support me.”

Ahn Se-young has already mentioned in an interview with reporters that his knee is “not good” after the quarterfinals on the 5th. Lee worried, “Se-young doesn’t really express herself as sick, so if she says that, it really hurts.”

Until the quarterfinals, Lee said, “My dad told me that I was an athlete (boxing) and that I was living with that kind of injury, and Se-young also accepts it.” “I think Se-young is in a burdensome state, but I would have prepared well accordingly,” he said. However, when I saw him actually fall down during the game, that was not how my mother felt.

Was it a relief in the midst of misfortune. Lee’s cry did not reach Ahn Se-young. After the game, Ahn Se-young also smiled when asked about this, saying, “I couldn’t hear anything, and even if I heard (my mother’s words), I would have run,” adding, “It hurt a lot, but I ran with the thought that it was the last time.”

Lee looked proud, saying, “My voice would not have been heard because of the crowd’s roar, and Se-young would not have given up.” Ahn also expressed his pride, saying, “I actually choked up when Se-young was treated,” but “I’m proud to win.” It was a valuable gold medal for Ahn Se-young, who overcame his injury.

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