Seok Hyun-joon, who violated the Military Service Act, is sentenced to six months in prison and suspended for one year ‘reduced’ in prison

The Suwon District Court’s Criminal Appeals Division 2 (Chief Judge Park Pyeong-soo) reversed the first trial, which sentenced Seok Hyun-joon to eight months in prison and two years of probation, and sentenced him to six months in prison and one year of probation.

“Considering the purpose of the Military Service Act legislation, the accused should be strictly punished,” the court said. “However, the defendant is showing remorse, and there is a reason to take into account the circumstances of the crime that led to this case.” Considering that he is currently pledging to serve in the military and has no criminal history, the sentence of the lower court seems to be heavy.”

Earlier, the first trial court sentenced Seok Hyun-joon to eight months in prison and two years of probation in June this year. 온라인경마

The court below said, “Strict punishment is inevitable considering the purpose of the current law to secure a fair military service order and not living abroad and not returning home without justifiable reasons even after the expiration of the overseas stay permit period.”

“If you let me play a little more as a soccer player, I will repay the people with all my passion,” Seok Hyun-joon said at the final trial of the appeals court on the 6th of last month, adding, “I realized the seriousness of the situation only when the contract relationship got tangled and the situation worsened.” I am reflecting on this and will promptly fulfill my military service obligations,” he said in a final statement.

Seok Hyun-joon was put on trial for not returning home for a set period of time without a justifiable reason despite being notified by the Military Manpower Administration to return home by June 3, 2019, while staying in France for overseas soccer activities.

After leaving for France on November 12, 2018, he applied for an extension of his stay in March 2019 for the purpose of moving abroad, but was rejected, and was subsequently notified to return home.

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