SIS strengthens South Africa’s advance through coalition with 4Racing

This latest partnership represents South African racing’s official return to SIS, where 4Racing empowers SIS to collect and deliver horse racing content at other horse racing venues across South Africa, as well as Durbanville, Fairview, Kenilworth, Turfontaine and Val.

Milton Keynes-based real-time betting service provider SIS will offer South African horse racing content to British and Irish customers from the start of the contract.

SIS argued for this partnership because it supports 4Racing’s vision of “revitalizing and revitalizing the horse racing scene in South Africa through a series of new projects and strategic design and implementation to improve relationships with stakeholders, sports.”

In a related development, Conall McSorley, SIS’s international head of horse racing, said, “Working with 4Racing to bring its action to our valued customers in the UK and Ireland is fantastic. We’ve seen how 4Racing’s inclusive and innovative attitude has helped transform South Africa’s racing industry, and they have a team that boasts a wide range of talents.

“We’re excited to be able to bring South African racing once again, and we’re bringing additional high-quality content that we can definitely appreciate to our customers.”

In 2022, SIS’s main goal was to expand its horse racing business, distributing content as publisher partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, Ireland, North America, Latin America, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. 슬롯머신

Meanwhile, South Africa’s leading horse racing content provider, 4Racing, will become popular combining SIS’s upgraded new product line with its portfolio, meaning that in the future, we can expect to be better known around the world as a service provider.

In a related development, 4Racing’s Head of Licensing and Broadcasting, Stephen Watson, said, “SIS has a tremendous role to play in bringing racing action from around the world to operators internationally, and it is exciting to be part of its content delivery portfolio. We have worked hard to improve our racing products and expand our broadcast coverage globally. SIS’s established distribution channels and reliability with key racing stakeholders will enable us to maximize the consumption of our products in the UK and Ireland, where South African racing products have proven extremely popular over the years.”

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