Son Heung-min’s younger brother’s ‘crying’ ‘fury’ at a hell of a situation → came to EPL to avoid war…

Manor Solomon, a Tottenham winger in the English Premier League, seems to be a truly doomed footballer. He is also known in Korea as he is working with Tottenham captain Son Heung-min.

Tottenham reinforced its power by recruiting flanker Solomon during the transfer market last summer. His contract with Tottenham is five years until 2028. Solomon, who played on loan at Fulham last season, will continue to play in the Premier League.

The reason why Solomon’s soccer life is said to be ugly is because of “war.” Solomon originally played for Shaktar Donetsk in Ukraine before going to Fulham. The original team is Donetsk, but Solomon had to leave the team due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The war forced the team to move unintentionally. FIFA recognized the termination of Solomon’s contract with Shaktar Donetsk. So he moved to Fulham on loan and after the season, Fulham wanted a full Solomon. However, Tottenham succeeded in recruiting Solomon and worked with Son Heung-min. 스포츠토토

Solomon, who joined Tottenham, scored five goals in 24 appearances for Fulham last season. Solomon, who joined Shaktar Donetsk in January 2019, scored 22 goals in 106 appearances for Donetsk.

In addition, Solomon played a leading role in the 3-2 victory in the away match of Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League in October 2020. The 24-year-old Solomon has seven goals in 35 A matches since making his debut for Israel back in 2018.

Solomon, who came to England to escape the war, was even more shocked this time. My country was attacked. Solomon is one of the few Israeli players to play in the Premier League.

Israel was attacked with thousands of missiles and rockets by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, on the 7th. There are more than 1,000 deaths and thousands of injuries. Israel has declared a “war” against Hamas.

When his country was invaded, Solomon revealed the current situation of his friends and family. According to The Sun recently, Solomon is so harrowing that he describes the current situation as “hell.” Of course, I was shocked.

Solomon talked about his family and friends in Israel on social media. First, Solomon prayed for his Israeli compatriots. And I was furious.

“For the last two days,” Solomon said, “my country, my family, my friends, the people I love have been going through hell. More than 800 Israelis were killed. This is the highest death toll in a single day since the Holocaust,” he said.

“And more than 150 people were kidnapped, including women, children, the elderly, and even babies,” Solomon continued. Thousands of missiles and rockets fired at innocent civilians! Hamas is not doing anything for the Palestinian people. Hamas is a terrorist organization with only one mission. It’s the annihilation of Jews on Earth,” he said.

Solomon then said, “Supporting Hamas means supporting terrorism as well as supporting Al Qaeda, the Sept. 11 attacks. Israel has a right to defend itself. Please pray for Israel.”

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