The most valuable player in SD, is an all-MLB team candidate.

MLB Dotcom, the official website of the Major League, picked eight candidates for the All-MLB Team second baseman category in an article titled “Who is the best second baseman in the Major League in 2023?” on the 5th (Korea Standard Time).

While Marcus Simian (Texas Rangers) and Luis Arras (Miami Marlins) were classified as strong candidates, Kim Ha-sung was considered a challenger along with Azie Albies (Atlanta Braves).

Following them, Ketel Marte (Arizona Diamondbacks), Gleyber Torres (New York Yankees), Bryson Stott (Philadelphia Phillies), and Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs) were named as dark horses.

MLB Dotcom explained about Kim Ha-sung, “He is at the top of the team with an fWAR of 4.4 compared to a substitute for FanGraph Dotcom, and has a personal career high, including a batting average of 0.275, an on-base percentage of 0.356, a slugging percentage of 0.429, and 17 home runs.”

Kim Ha-sung does not often make strong hits, but he is making up for it by hitting the exact spot. As a bonus, he has already recorded 31 steals, and he also showed off his solid defense by writing a Defense Run Save (DRS) +10. ” 안전놀이터

Established in 2019, the all-MLB team consists of players representing one season. Candidate players will be selected based on the season’s performance, regardless of the league, and expert votes and fan votes will be added 50% each to select the final.

It will be announced by dividing it into a first team with the highest scores in each position and a second team consisting of runners in each position.

Among Korean players, Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays) was selected as the starting pitcher for the second team for the second consecutive year in 2019 and 2020.

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