The race for survival has just begun

The Kiwoom Heroes are entering their second camp. Expectations are rising as the team’s ‘key players’ have joined the main squad this season.

Led by head coach Hong Won-ki, the team held its first spring camp training in Arizona, USA. After about a month of training in the U.S., the team arrived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the location of the second camp, on the 17th, and held their first training session on the 18th.

Some familiar faces joined the first team squad. 안전놀이터 Ten players joined the main squad from the Futures Team camp, which had been training in Kaohsiung since the 11th, including pitchers Kim Sun-ki, Jang Jae-young, Kim Yoon-ha, and Kim Yeon-ju, outfielders Lim Byung-wook, Shin Jun-woo, Lee Jae-sang, and Ko Young-woo, catcher Kim Dong-heon, and veteran infielder Lee Won-seok, who had been training in Korea.

Now, the team will start practicing with the full strength of the team.

Manager Hong Won-ki said, “In the Taiwan camp, the training is centered on practice games. We prioritized the players who need to be checked through matches,” said Hong Won-ki. “We have an important season ahead where we need to make our player base even thicker. Since the majority of our players are in Taiwan, we will be checking out several players.”

In Kaohsiung, the team will play a total of six practice games against Taiwanese professional baseball clubs Zhongxin Brothers and Tung Yi Lions. 바카라사이트 추천 The actual games will determine the best players.

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