Vietnam’s “The Tao 247”, “Coach Park Hang-seo has been receiving offers from various places since he left Vietnam”

“In particular, in addition to the Vietnamese club Ho Chi Minh City, we are planning to invite him from the Thai national team or the Singapore national team.”

Coach Park Hang-seo led the Vietnamese national team from 2017 to January this year. Having made numerous achievements, Park gained huge recognition by being called “Sal-Dink” in Vietnam. As he led the heyday of the Vietnamese national team, he made a strong impression on the entire Southeast Asian soccer team.

Several Southeast Asian teams are sending love calls to coach Park Hang-seo, who has such a brilliant career. In particular, if there is a vacancy in the Southeast Asian national team, Park Hang-seo’s name is unconditionally mentioned as the first candidate for replacement.

In fact, the Thai national team, which had several showdowns with Vietnam, also reportedly considered appointing coach Park Hang-seo. After losing to China 1-2 at home in the first round of the World Cup qualifying round, Thailand replaced Aleksandro Paul King before recruiting Ishii Masitada. 온라인경마

Although Masitada, a technical advisor to the Thai Football Association, was finally appointed, coach Park Hang-seo was also mentioned as a leading candidate. Considering the connection between Thai and Japanese soccer, the fact that Korean national coach Park Hang-seo was mentioned as a leading candidate itself allows us to know his position.

“Thailand eventually appointed Masitada but seriously considered Coach Park Hang-seo. On top of that, Singapore will dismiss Takashi Nishitani and consider appointing Coach Park Hang-seo as the team lost against both Korea (0-5 loss) and Thailand (1-3 loss).”

The media said, “The World Cup qualifying has put several Southeast Asian team coaches in crisis. Several teams could be replaced after the dismissal of Paul King,” adding, “If this continues, there is a high possibility that Park Hang-seo will become the head coach of other Southeast Asian countries.”

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