Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune also known as Big Six Wheel, is a pretty simple game to comprehend and a nearly impossible game to win at. As it is purely a game of luck, the house edge is higher than many casino games and there is no real strategy that can be used to increase your chances of winning. Absolutely relies solely on luck and has no element of skill. Big Six is game that is built around a spinning wheel that is marked by a set of numbers or symbols. The wheel is divided into equal segments and spokes separate each segment. At the top of the vertical wheel is a flexible piece of rubber or leather, this is to provides the friction on the spokes of the wheel to slow the wheel to a halt. The number or symbol of the segment that the wheel is stopped on determines the winner. 스포츠토토

The croupier collects bets for all the number segments available on the wheel. Once players have laid down their bets on their respective number segments, the wheel is spun. The wheel comes to a natural stop at one of the segments. This number will then be declared the winner and be paid out. The rounds continue in this manner. It is important to place your bets at the right time do not attempt to make a wager while the game is in play. The dealer will be in charge of the wheel, so don’t try to spin it yourself or offer to do so. This game isn’t meant to be extremely expensive. Instead, it allows you to play for just $1 per round, and allows you to place multiple bets within the same round. The only problem is that casinos don’t normally offer $1 chips. Therefore, you’ll get either metal $1 tokens or traditional $5 chips. You can buy into the game with a $10 or $20 bill to get started.
The beauty of Big Six Wheel is that it is such a simple game to play and as such there are few strict rules on etiquette, so just make sure to obey the general casino guidelines and treat staff and fellow players with respect.

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