With Dyer’s transfer, South Korean striker Son Heung-min’s 10-year friendship will also end.

Dyer wore Tottenham uniforms in 2014, and Son Heung-min the following year in 2015. The two players grew up at Tottenham and became representative of their respective countries. There are many episodes as we have worked together for a long time. One of them was the project to make Son Heung-min the top scorer. Dyer’s efforts to make Son Heung-min the top scorer were known, which made headlines among domestic soccer fans.

Son scored 23 goals in the league during the 2021-2022 season and tied for the top scorer with Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah. Son’s record was made entirely of field goals without penalty kicks, which made it all the more notable. At that time, however, Son was competing to become the top scorer with sweaty hands. In the final round match against Norwich City, Son had to score a goal, but Norwich City goalkeeper Tim Krul made several super saves to frustrate Son. Then, Dyer approached Krul and argued, “What did Salah promise to give?” The message was to ‘stop it appropriately’ for Son’s top scorer.

“The most important thing is that Coach Antonio Conte (former Tottenham manager) advances to the European Champions League after the first half,” Son said at the time. “We need to help him become the top scorer,” he said at the end. “Every player who comes in as a substitute, Lucas Moura and Steven Berbawin, makes him the top scorer.” I was really grateful that the players who were competing with me helped me even when I was not playing well in the game. It was never easy. I was happier than being the top scorer.” 경마사이트

Meanwhile, Son scored 12 goals and three assists in 20 matches in the league this season. He has scored the most goals among his team. He also ranks third in the scoring division in the league, and seeks to become the top scorer once again. England striker Dominic Solanke (12 goals) has 12 goals, the same as Son. Monster striker Erling Holan (Manchester City) and Salah have tied for the top scorer with 14 goals.

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