World Poker Series Main Event Final Table Profile: Gordon Bayo

Gordon Vayo is a junior at University High School in Illinois and was summoned to the principal’s office one day late in the school year.

The news from the urgent meeting still resonates with Bayo 10 years later.

“He told me I was expelled,” Bayo wasn’t very pleased. “He just told me very realistically that I was expelled and that I wasn’t going to graduate.”

Bayo was the first to admit that he was far from a model student. In third grade, he started spending more time playing online poker than reading books, but he claims that he was not a troublemaker and always had respect for his teachers. He also admits that he is often late and did not do any homework, but who really can blame him? His income from online poker totaled over $10,000, which is far more than his hard-working parents combined.

Even being kicked out of school and unable to graduate with friends hurt a lot back then, and still does today. 바카라

He told Casino City, “I’m not one to hold a grudge, nor am I a bitter person in general. But I still have a chip on my shoulder for it because I believe it’s completely unjust.”

The lack of a high school diploma did not stand in the way of Bayo’s success. In fact, Bayo is on the verge of accomplishing the most important achievement in his career.

Bayo, who finished this summer’s $10,000 World Series poker main event with a 6,737-player field, is on the final table, and a restart on Oct. 30 at Las Vegas’ Rio All-Sweet Hotel & Casino will put the third-largest stack of chips in front of him. And while Bayo will be the youngest player, he will be far from the least experienced thanks to his 10-year run as a poker pro, which began on the very day he left the principal’s office in 2006.

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