Worst scoring support, so KBO MVP shines more…Peddy’s show of force, ‘2 runs in 7 innings’, is the No. 1 trade candidate!

Peddy, who won the regular season MVP title with “Triple Crown” with a 20-6 record and a 2.00 ERA, including 209 strikeouts during 180 ⅓ innings in 30 appearances for the NC Dinos in the KBO League last year, returned to the Major League after signing a two-year, $15 million contract with the Chicago White Sox after the season. Peddy faced Detroit in his return to the big league, and he allowed two runs (two earned runs) in four ⅔ innings at the time, and his pitching began to improve noticeably in April.

In April, he pitched against the Tampa Bay Rays with two runs (two earned runs) in eight ⅓ innings and a 2.40 ERA in five games, making him the 0th trade candidate. This is why the White Sox’s chance to advance to the postseason disappeared early on. And his performance in April was not a flash. In May, Peddy pitched in six games, winning two and losing with a 3.63 ERA, and although he is still not connected with victory, he is showing off his strong pitching in June. Peddy got off to a shaky start to the game. Peddy started the game by tying leadoff hitter Matt Bierling to center field in the first inning. After giving up his first hit to Colton Keith, he took a breather by striking out Riley Greene, but allowed Keith to steal a base and gave up a walk to Mark Canha, causing a crisis to the first and second bases. Still, he tied Gio Urshela to center field with a straight hit to start the game.

Peddy’s first run was in the second inning. Peddy grounded out leadoff hitter Wencil Perez to shortstop and got a hit by Justin-Henry Moloy. And as the sweeper hit the fourth pitch to Carson Kelly, his ball went up the middle of the strike zone, allowing a two-run homer to left and giving up two runs first. Peddy then got a hit from Bearling, who met him again, but ended the inning without any additional runs, and started pitching solidly in the third inning.

Peddy tied the Detroit lineup with a double play in the third inning without any serious crisis, and created the first three-out inning against the lineup leading to Perez-Moloy-Kelly in the fourth inning. Peddy, who began to take the lead, completely blocked the Detroit lineup in the fifth inning, and took the mound in the sixth inning to block Green-Kanha-Ashela perfectly. Peddy, who had enough pitching speed, also appeared in the seventh inning, and again, he allowed two runs in seven innings while cooking the lineup that led to Perez-Moloy-Kelly. 토토사이트 추천

Despite Peddy’s strong pitching, however, the batters failed to put strength on Kelly’s shoulders. In the top of the fifth inning, the White Sox’s batters picked up only one point with Pam’s solo home run, and failed to score a single point until the game ended. As a result, despite completing the quality start+ (less than three earned runs in seven innings), Peddy ended up losing the game.

His performance is not unusual even if he wins consecutively. Obviously, he has regrets about the wrong team’s decision, but as the White Sox are playing for him, his pitching is getting better. Major League teams are expected to pay keen attention to Peddy right before the trade deadline. Peddy has played in 16 games with five wins and two losses and an ERA of 3.05.

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