Cesar returns to Las Vegas for the 54th WSOP tournament in 2023

Contestants can participate in the tournament once again, and the main event called the $10.000 No-Limit Hold-em World Championship is called Mystery Millions, which has a four-day start date for participants to choose from among July 3, 4, 5, and 6, and the tournament called the $10,000 No-Limit Hold-em World Championship, which has prizes between $10,000 and $100 for each knockout round and the first prize between $100.

In addition, each month, WSOP.com offers a special free roll opportunity for the main event. But this is only true for players who made a deposit for the first time! 슬롯머신사이트

Fun fact is that the 2022 main event was ranked the second-largest category in live poker history with a prize pool of $80.7824.75 million and nearly 9,000 participants, and the first event was also very successful with a total of 14,112 participants and a prize pool of $10 million won by poker pro Matt Glantz.

Caesars has announced the date and location of the WSOP 2023 tournament, but has yet to publicly announce the full schedule, and details will be revealed soon.

Ty Stewart, Senior Vice President and CEO of the World Series of Poker, said, “WSOP’s historic debut at Las Vegas Streep came in a big sense, and we’re excited to announce the summer 2023 dates in time for the holidays. Poker players and fans can now officially mark their calendars, and even book a WSOP trip as a holiday gift to their loved ones or themselves. As these two resorts raised the bar in hosting last year’s event, we’re delighted to be back in Paris Las Vegas and the future Horsche Las Vegas for another exciting chapter in the tournament’s history.”

Paris and Horsuch Jason Gregorec, SVP and General Manager of Las Vegas, said, “With more than six months left from the start of the next WSOP, you can already feel the expectation building at our resort. The tournament delivered an unforgettable moment during its debut in the Streep, and we’re excited to welcome back this year’s best poker event.”

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