Doosan Bears closer Jung Chul-won collapsed once again.

In the match against KT Wiz in Suwon on October 10, Jung Chul-won pitched in the bottom of the eighth inning with two outs and runners on first and second bases and allowed a two-run double (2-3). The batters succeeded in a 4-3 comeback in the top of the ninth inning, but after hitting an equalizer by Hwang Jae-kyun in the bottom of the ninth inning, he allowed a walk to push the bases loaded and bowed his head. a four-to-five comeback defeat. Chung Chul-won, who recorded six losses in the season with Blon saves in one game, has been struggling with four Blon saves in the last six games.

Nevertheless, it is rare to see Doosan fans pointing fingers at Jeong Chul-won. The general reaction of fans is closer to ‘sadness’ than anger or criticism. This is because fans know better than anyone how committed he is to the team and how harsh a young pitcher is in.

Jung Chul-won suddenly took the finishing position in the middle of this season. In August, Lee Seung-yeop lowered the existing closer Hong Kun-hee as the setup man and selected setup man Jung Chul-won as the new closer. Jeong Chul-won, who had already played many games and innings since last season, struggled to be responsible for multi-inning in every game even after changing his position. This is why some in the baseball community point out that “Doosan’s dependence on Jeong Chul-won is too high.”

Multi-inning commitment at the end of the regular season leads to poor results. 스포츠토토

Jung Chul-won of Doosan, who turned into a finisher in August
If you look at the record, this year’s Jeong Chul-won is not a very reliable finish. After the closing switch, he played 21 games, with only one win, three losses and 10 saves and an ERA of 4.18 in 23.2 innings. During the same period, the hit rate reached 0.302 and the POPS reached 0.788. He also recorded five Blon saves.

There is something in common with Jung Chul-won’s failed crackdown on the back door. He had to take responsibility for more than four outs in all five games. It is very unusual to leave the finisher with more than four outs in every game that comes out of baseball these days when the “one-inning finish” is in place. It is considered a “winner” thrown by the coach in a game that must be caught.

“When it’s over, the pressure changes first. One ball and one ball are thin ice. In some cases, the team’s situation is not good enough to warm up properly and take the mound. Isn’t it highly likely that most teams are in a crisis situation that a team finishes in the eighth inning. In the case of Jeong Chul-won this season, that’s too frequent.”

These are the words of SBS Sports baseball commentator Lee Dong-hyun, who watched the Doosan-Lotte match in Jamsil on the 8th. Lee is a veteran bullpen who played 15 seasons in the KBO League. He mainly played as a setup man and was in charge of temporary finishing when needed.

Will Doosan’s Jung Chul-won take the mound as a “multi-inning attempt” after the switch to the end of this season
Jeong Cheol-won has just entered his third month with a wrap-up. In 21 appearances, 10 multi-inning pitches are close to half. The appointment of Doosan’s bench, which needed multi-inning play by the team’s circumstances, eventually returned to poison. At an important time when entering the fall baseball league, the continued failure of relief by the closing is inevitably fatal.

In this regard, commissioner Lee also pointed out, “The finishing pitchers are originally in charge of three outcounts in the ninth inning.” However, Commissioner Lee said, “The finish sometimes takes charge of four to six out counts according to the team’s situation. In particular, Doosan has recently been in fierce fall baseball competition. “(Multi-inning) continues to come out because the team trusts and prioritizes the finisher Jung Chul-won,” he said.

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