Flutter Sponsors a six-part horse racing documentary series

The series will focus on the upcoming 2023-24 jump season and begin production in December, telling the story of the life, journey and adventure that make horse racing dramatic and attractive, and focusing on the high level of welfare that applies to racehorses and jockeys. It will offer a wider and wider audience and present the best horse racing into the back of the sport, as never before.

The series will be produced by South Shore, an independent production company backed by ITV, with Flutter and Racos Media Group (RMG) supporting the project. However, it is highly emphasized that the series is a collaboration across races, and many different stakeholders, including the Professional Jockey Association and the British Horse Racing Commission (BHA), have already provided valuable support. 슬롯머신

Flutter’s collaboration on this project forms part of the work towards the goals of the two Do More of the Global Positive Impact Plan. Do More includes Flutter’s commitment to leverage its scale and the collective enthusiasm of its peers to give back to communities that operate with the goal of improving the lives of 10 million people by 2030.

Filming is scheduled to begin in December ahead of a late summer transmission in 2024. South Shore has a strong track record in unscripted programming and is responsible for sports-focused series including BAFTA Award-winning Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams (BBC1), The Man Who Bought Cricket (Skydax), and Football Dreams: Academy (C4).

Flutter UKI CEO Ian Brown said, “We are excited to announce the upcoming horse racing documentary series with ITV and RMG. This is an idea we’ve been promoting for a while and we’re very excited to bring the inside story of horse racing and all the wonderful people who support it to a new and wider audience through ITV1’s prime time.

“Following the key pillars of positive impact planning, this is also another great example of Flutter supporting the communities we operate with ‘do more’. We’ve supported the horse racing industry for a long time, and we’ve invested more than £140 million in British racing in 2022 alone. Through initiatives like this novel series, we will work with all race stakeholders to support and modernize this unique and fascinating sport.”

Julie Harrington, the president of the BHA, said, “This is a very exciting development for sports. The industry’s strategy is to reach a new audience and show them the excellence of our sport, while also engaging the race for more interesting and current fans. The new program promises to have something small for everyone. We stand for our sport and all that, and anything that brings the passion and excitement of racing to people’s homes can only be a good thing

Simon Daglish, Commercial’s vice president, said, “Racing creates an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement among ITV viewers, as evidenced by our unrivaled coverage. This new series is a fantastic opportunity to build on the excitement and bring this adrenaline-filled sport to a new audience. We are excited to be able to present racing with the racing community in a way we have never seen before.”

Martin Stevenson, CEO of RMG, said, “We firmly believe that documentaries like this on major channels can significantly help increase participation in sports. Thank you very much to Flutter for your valuable support and the full support from ITV in making the series possible. ITV has been a fantastic partner in racing and this documentary is further proof of its commitment to the sport.”

Melanie Leach, co-CEO of South Shore, said, “The commitment, determination, and courage of British horse racing are the stuff of legend – reputations are won in a flash. I couldn’t be more excited to tell the story of the incredible sports heroes and heroines racing to the finish line.”

Paul Johnson, CEO of the National Federation of Trainers, said, “This is simply a great initiative for the sport and highlights how lucky we are to be working with such a supporting broadcaster on ITV. We have no doubt that getting to know some of racing’s characters and their everyday stories will help us showcase our sport in ways we’ve never seen before.”

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