Gambling venues in Greece, Lithuania and Latvia to close

The full lockdown continues in a natural response to the rise in disease cases caused by COVID-19. Since gambling is always considered an entertainment factor in society, land-based places will be the first to be closed down at the obstacles considered. It puts additional pressure on the profits of gambling operators who have already suffered from the wave of the first disease. 파칭코사이트인포

From November 7th to the end of this month, Greeks will be restricted from having access to casinos or other types of game rooms. Greek Football Prediction Association S.A., the largest main operator that cannot protect growth in the online sector from falling profits, reported a 35% drop in sales during the first half of 2020, and a similar figure could be expected at the end of the year.

In Lithuania, as in Greece, a new restriction method was introduced on 7 November. However, the Baltic country decided to return to normal life on November 29, a day earlier. Traditionally, the closure of casinos, betting spots, and lottery stores goes hand in hand with the suspension of other entertainment facilities such as restaurants and cafes. The 41% decline in mortar gambling houses led to a 16% decline in the overall industry as the online sector gained greater attention among Lithuanians.

From November 9th, Latvians will not be allowed to enter gambling houses. The restrictions last until Dec. 6 because the government has chosen longer precautions. The Baltic representative also shows a moderate level of pain, as the recent 33% drop in earnings is not serious. Special attention receives a difference between Q2 and Q3 as the gambling market has nearly quadrupled since lockdown measures were eased.

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