Hwang Ui-jo’s mobile phone video leaked…the decisive reason for the police’s decision

Last spring, Hwang Ui-jo hands his sister-in-law a mobile phone (iPhone) that he didn’t use. Hwang Ui-jo lent it when his sister-in-law, who was supposed to travel to South America, said he did not have a good cell phone to take. It didn’t even lock. It is interpreted that they trusted each other that much. It is well known that the older couple supported his younger brother Hwang Ui-jo while living together while he was working abroad. The management UJ Sports named after Hwang Ui-jo was established and his brother and sister-in-law were in charge of the operation. It is said that the three sometimes used the other person’s cell phone and did not hide what was in it.

However, in June, a person claiming to be Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover appeared on social media Instagram.(Police believe the former lover’s captain is his sister-in-law.) “After sleeping as if Hwang Ui-jo was in a relationship with many women, he avoided establishing a relationship because he had to return abroad,” he said. “Not only himself, but also numerous women were gaslighted by Hwang Ui-jo.” Meanwhile, videos and photos of Hwang Ui-jo having sex with an unspecified woman were posted on the account. And Hwang Ui-jo threatened through a direct message (DM), saying, “There are still more videos left.” 안전놀이터

Hwang Ui-jo was embarrassed and informed his brother and sister-in-law. After discussion, the three decided to ask the police to investigate immediately instead of replying. UJ Sports officially announced on the same day that “we are conducting and monitoring investigations into the disseminated actors.” Then, the distributor once again sent a threatening message to Hwang Ui-jo through another social media at the end of June. It is reported that it contains the content that “if you don’t drop the complaint, I won’t leave you alone.”

After the investigation, the police secured a unique Internet IP (access address) that can tell where the account where the distributor sent the threat message was accessed. Where IP was pointing was consistent with Hwang Ui-jo’s movement. The police then checked CCTV and guests in the hallway of the accommodation where Hwang Ui-jo stayed at the time of the threatening message, and found that Hwang Ui-jo and his sister-in-law were staying there. About two hours after the video was circulated, he also found a record that his brother-in-law investigated “IP location tracking” through Naver search. And when it was confirmed that the sister-in-law received Hwang Ui-jo’s cell phone containing the video in question and used it for a while, the police identified the suspect who distributed it as Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law.

Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law is said to have flatly denied the allegations, saying, “There has never been such a case.” She reportedly said, “I’ve never even seen the Instagram,” adding, “I’m not the kind of person who damages the child I was guarding (My brother-in-law called Hwang Ui-jo like this).” As for IP, “I understand that there is a technology that can create a specific place IP. It’s to slander me,” he explained. As for the distributor, “A lot of women went to where they lived when Jo played for FC Seoul. I think one of the people who knows the password of the room and can freely come in and out is vindictive,” he countered.

My brother-in-law also reset his cell phone during a police summons investigation. While under investigation, he boldly attempted to destroy evidence. When the police asked the reason, he reportedly replied, “I’m afraid it will be known because it contains things related to the child (Hwang Ui-jo).” The police applied for an arrest warrant and arrested his brother-in-law on the 16th.

Hwang Ui-jo immediately submitted a non-penalty petition to the police when he learned that his brother-in-law was designated as a distributor. Hwang Ui-jo said, “It is a ridiculous misunderstanding that the suspect is my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law is the one who protected me for a long time. I think he was falsely accused,” he said.

Hwang Ui-jo also asked the victim to file a non-penalty petition (for the alleged distribution), but was rejected. The victim officially dated Hwang Ui-jo briefly in the past and broke up, and after that, Hwang Ui-jo met briefly when he returned to Korea. The results of the investigation so far show that the video was taken at that time.

The victim claims that he has never agreed to take a video. Lee Eun-ui, a lawyer for the victim, held a press conference on the 23rd to reveal the message shared by Hwang Ui-jo and the victim. In the message released, Hwang Ui-jo replied, “I told you I definitely didn’t like it” and “Why is the video still there when I said I didn’t like it?” In fact, it is known that there are no videos or photos obtained by the police indicating that the victim agrees (to film).

Hwang Ui-jo’s law firm Daehwan issued a statement on the 24th, saying, “The recording (by the victim) was intentionally produced (meaning 作出 and manipulation) as a unilateral claim by the woman after the incident,” adding, “The conversations held by Hwang Ui-jo’s side are rather consistent with Hwang Ui-jo’s argument.” Following this, a lawyer wrote on his social media, “Keep saying it’s a statement of position and don’t hang back the victim and give all the evidence you have in the investigative agency.”

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