Kim Jong-un-Zelensky? Ukraine vs Slovakia crowd talk

‘Peace’ message in the stands: Kim Jong-un and Zelenskyy’s unexpected meeting

Ukraine beat Slovakia 2-1 in the second Group E match of UEFA Euro 2024. In the match held at Düsseldorf Arena in Germany on June 21, Ukraine conceded the first goal to Ivan Schrantz in the 17th minute of the first half, but won the match with Mikola Shafarenko’s equalizer in the 9th minute of the second half and Roman Yaremchuk’s reverse goal in the 35th minute of the second half.

As expected, the 토토사이트 community predicted, the game was very fierce, and Ukraine’s victory further increased its chances of advancing to the tournament. However, there was a scene that became as much of a hot topic in the audience as the result of the game. It was Kim Jong-un and the spectators dressed as President Volodymyr Zelensky, holding hands.

The Sun described the scene as “the euro is truly a place for peace.” Kim Jong Un and President Zelensky represent a hostile relationship that one can never meet in real life. Kim Jong Un is a person who threatens peace on the Korean Peninsula with North Korea’s nuclear weapons development and provocations, and he recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, drawing more attention from the international community. Putin is the one who caused the invasion of Ukraine, and Russia is currently not able to participate in Euro 2024.

The fact that Kim Jong-un and those dressed as Zelensky joined hands in the stands left a strong impression on many. It contained a humorous and peaceful message that reminded them of the political tension and confrontation in reality for a moment. They were reminded of the importance of peace and harmony, not war and conflict, through the soccer stage called Euro 2024.

Ukraine win this match to go 1-1

Meanwhile, Ukraine won the match to record 1-1, paving the way for a place in the tournament. Next up is the final group match against Belgium, which will take on Romania after being dealt a blow to Slovakia. Depending on the outcome against Romania, it is highly likely that Belgium will put its all on the line against Ukraine.

Ukraine will also focus all of its capabilities on the match against Belgium to advance to the tournament. The experience gained in matches against strong opponents in this tournament will greatly help Ukraine move forward.

Euro 2024 is creating unforgettable scenes in the stands as well as fierce competition on the ground. The message of peace delivered by Kim Jong-un and the spectators dressed as Zelensky is enriching the meaning of the competition.

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