Not a bad first half for a bold rotation

Not a bad first half for a bold rotation.

Hwang Sun-hong’s South Korea U-23 team finished the first half of their final Group B match at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup 2024 0-0 against Japan at the Jassim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar, at 10:00 p.m. ET on Sunday. With back-to-back wins over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China, South Korea have already qualified for the quarterfinals. Japan also advanced to the quarterfinals with two wins. With three goals and a clean sheet in two games, South Korea and Japan will play a final match to decide first and second place. If the two teams are unable to draw, they will play a straight penalty shootout without extra time to decide the group’s top spot.

A win between Korea and Japan is more than just a victory. It can really set the tone. It would also help them avoid the hosts, Qatar. Qatar clinched first place in Group A Qatar hasn’t been the most impressive team in the tournament, but they have clinched top spot in Group A with strong home-field advantage. After a series of dubious calls in their first match against Indonesia, which prompted Indonesian coach Shin Tae Yong Shin to call it a “comedy show,” the Qataris went on to win their next match against Jordan with more calls in their favor. Clearly, 스포츠토토 Qatar are a formidable opponent. In second place is Indonesia, a team on the rise. However, Korea has the edge in power, so topping the group is an advantage.

Hwang pulled out his rotation card. Eight of the 11 starters were first-timers.

Three were making their first appearance at the tournament. The focus was on the quarterfinals rather than the Korea-Japan match. The tournament doubles as a final qualifier for the Paris Olympics, with the top three qualifying directly for the tournament. Fourth place will play a playoff against Guinea in Africa. With the quarterfinals already secured, the team only needs to win the quarterfinals to cross the ninth ridge into the main competition. Hwang Sun-hong is currently in the worst shape of his squad. Starting defenders Byun Jun-soo (Gwangju) and Signature Kwan (Bucheon) are both unavailable. Byun Jun-soo has accumulated cautions and Signor Kwan is out with a hamstring injury. In addition, key striker Ahn Jae-joon (Bucheon) is also not feeling well. Other players are also out of shape, making the three-game schedule a challenge.

However, the importance of the Korea-Japan match has not been overlooked. The Koreans have bitter memories of a 0-3 loss to Japan in the quarterfinals of the same tournament two years ago, when they were beaten by a Japan squad that was comprised of U21 players. For Hwang, it’s a great opportunity for revenge. The front line is led by Minnesota’s Sang Min-bin (Minnesota), who has been recalled in time for the Korea-Japan match, with Hong Yun-sang (Pohang) and Hong Si-hoo (Incheon) on the left and right flanks. Top scorer Lee Young-joon (Gimcheon), who has three goals in two games, started on the bench, as the team looked to counter-attack through a trio of speedy attackers. Lee Tae-seok (Seoul), Kim Dong-jin (Pohang), Choi Kang-min, and Jang Si-young (Ulsan) were the three forwards. The defense, which attracted the most attention, was a three-back line of Cho Hyun-taek (Gimcheon), Lee Kang-hee, and Lee Jae-won. Baek Jong-beom (Seoul) wore the goalkeeper’s gloves.

Japan also opted for a rotation.

They changed seven positions compared to the UAE game. The likes of Leo Kokubo, who has been in goal for two consecutive matches, and key striker Hosoya Mao were benched. Japan made big changes in the first, second, and third periods to keep their physicality in mind.

With Japan leading the game, South Korea countered with a man-to-man counterattack. Despite fielding an unfamiliar three-back and an unfamiliar combination, South Korea did not allow Japan much of a chance. Japan had a chance when Hirakawa broke through on the left, but Korea, centered by Lee Kang-hee, held firm in the box. They did allow a breakthrough in the third minute, but the defense quickly cleared it away. In the 18th minute, Hirakawa attempted a mid-range shot, but it sailed wide.

Both teams battled back and forth in the huddle, looking for chances. South Korea dropped their line, hunkered down, and tightened their defense. 슬롯사이트 순위 Japan continued to press forward, but could not find any openings. South Korea’s chances came in the final minutes of the first half, when Hong Si-Hoo was able to break through. Their best chance came in the 44th minute. Hong Si-Hoo broke through and slipped the ball to Jung Sang-Bin, who had penetrated into the box. He quickly sent in a low cross that Hong Yun-sung slid in to meet, but his shot was off target. The referee’s whistle blew as Korea’s offense came alive, and the first half ended 0-0.

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