Samsung Mound’s “Unsung Hero” Kim Dae-woo signed a two-year

Samsung Mound’s “Unsung Hero” Kim Dae-woo signed a two-year, 400 million won ($100 million down payment, $200 million annual salary, and $100 million option) free agent contract on the 8th.

Kim joined the Nexen Heroes (now the Kiwoom Heroes) in 2011

He moved to Samsung via trade in 2016. In 352 career KBO appearances, he has a 27-26 record with 23 saves and a 5.75 ERA. Last year, he took the mound 44 times and went 2-2 with a 4.50 ERA.

“Dae-woo is an underhanded pitcher, which is something we have been lacking, and is expected to add diversity to our existing pitching staff as well as provide all-around performance in both the starting and middle relief roles,” the club said. “I’m excited to play baseball in front of Samsung fans once again. As a veteran player, I want to take responsibility and show the fans better results and good performances than before.” Kim Dae-woo said about his contract.

“Being able to exercise my free agency rights means that I have been doing it consistently, so I want to give it meaning,” said Kim Dae-woo, 토토사이트 who is preparing for the new season by putting his stamp of approval at Daegu Samsung Lions Park. “I negotiated on my own without an agent, and the club was very considerate, so I was able to complete the contract without much difficulty.”

“A lot of fans want new faces. As a veteran player, I think I should take more responsibility. I have the power that only a veteran player has and a role in the squad, so I also have a sense of responsibility and will be more careful with my words and actions,” he added.

Kim Dae-woo is a versatile key to Samsung’s mound.

Whenever the team needs him, he takes the mound and fulfills his duties. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to go multiple innings as a long reliever. “I always try to do my best in the role I’m given,” he said. In 144 games, there are a lot of situations that come up. It is a player’s role and duty to do his best in any situation,” he emphasized.

After acquiring Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min in the free agent market, Samsung also added Choi Sung-hoon and Yang Hyun in the second round of the draft to bolster its bullpen. Now that the team is stronger, internal competition is likely to intensify. Kim Dae-woo said, “I think fans will expect a different look from the Lions with new faces joining the team. “The team is stronger, which means the players are more competitive. Competition is something I’ve always done, so I’m preparing well for the winter.”

Since joining Samsung in 2016, Kim has only played in the fall once before, in 2021.

Kim Dae-woo also has strong aspirations to reach the postseason. “As a player, I always feel sorry for the fans. I always say that we aimed to play fall baseball around this time of year, but it didn’t show in the results. We’ve got some good players coming in from the outside, and we’ve got a lot of determination from our existing players. I’m looking forward to this season.”

When we asked Kim Dae-woo, 토토사이트 순위 who was born in 1988, how he feels about the Year of the Dragon, he said, “I dream of expectations and hopes in the Year of the Dragon, and I promise to prepare for the season as well as any other year and reward it with better results.”

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