Son ‘cries’ after returning…”My wife said she wanted to see me play soccer again”

Son Joon-ho (32, Suwon FC) was overcome with emotion as he stepped onto the pitch again after being detained by Chinese police. He even got teary-eyed after fulfilling his wife’s wish to see him play soccer.

Son played 35 minutes, including extra time, after coming on as a 15-minute substitute in the second half against FC Seoul in the 18th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Feb. 22.

The 186th match of Son’s K League career, which he made his professional debut in 2014, was more special than ever. It took him a whopping 1,329 days to play again in the K League, and it took a toll on his body and mind.

South Korean midfielder Son Jun-ho is on a roll after leading Jeonbuk Hyundai to the 2020 K League 1 title and earning Most Valuable Player (MVP) honors. He continued to excel after moving to Shandong Taishan (China), where he earned a spot at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

In May of last year, he was detained by the Chinese police and was unable to play soccer or live a normal life. He was cut off from the outside world and had a difficult time.

He was released in March and returned to South Korea, ready to return to the field. He joined Suwon FC last week and came on for Kang Sang-yoon in the 15th minute of the match.

It had been 1329 days since Son played in a K League match since November 1, 2020, when he played against Daegu FC for Jeonbuk. It had been a year and a month since he had played for Shandong before being detained.

Although the team suffered a 0-3 defeat, Son Jun-ho showed his steady play after a long absence. “He came on as a substitute and played a good role as a link (in the midfield), and thanks to him, we had some good moments,” said Suwon FC head coach Kim Eun-joong.

After the game, Son Junho said, “It’s hard to put into words how I feel,” adding, “I didn’t give up on my dream of playing soccer when I was detained, and I was rewarded for my efforts. The people and soccer fans have been worried and supportive, and I will repay them on the pitch.”

The 25,175 fans at the Seoul World Cup Stadium 토토사이트 gave Son a rousing ovation as he took the field.

“I was nervous to play again after a year in front of so many people. I tried to put on a good show while holding back the tears that threatened to fall,” said Son.

“My physical condition is not too bad. I need to improve my stamina by playing more matches,” he said, adding, “I think I’ll be back to 80 to 90 percent after July.”

Kicking a soccer ball was a normal part of his life, but for nearly a year, he couldn’t do what he was most familiar with. He admits that he had a lot of fear and anxiety that he might not be able to play soccer again.

“Soccer was my daily routine, and I was worried that it 파워볼사이트 wouldn’t come back to me,” he says. But now I’m back on the field. Today is a day I will never forget,” he laughs.

“My wife told me that she wanted to see me play soccer again, and I’m happy that her wish came true,” he said. “My family has been through a lot, and I’m determined to be a good husband and father,” he added.

“My first goal is to get back to my old self as soon as possible. After that, I will lead Suwon FC to greater heights. I want to be remembered as one of the most valuable players who joined the team in the summer transfer market.”


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