The disciplinary action for drunk driving is over

Ha Joo-seok was more shocked by the club because he was participating in the team’s finishing camp in Daejeon at the time. The fact that he got drunk driving at 5:50 a.m. on the training day means that he could have participated in the training on the same day while drunk. Since last year, there has been no disciplinary action against the team since the KBO’s own disciplinary action disappeared, but the annual salary has been cut by 50.2% from last year. During the business suspension period, only 50% of the daily wage is paid, so the actual cut rate is even greater.

Reflecting on the fact of drunk driving, Ha Joo-seok said, “I apologize to all officials in the baseball community for causing concern over the drunk driving incident. Above all, I would like to repeat my apologies to the fans who loved Korean professional baseball with a heavier heart. “It was a mistake and stupid behavior that I couldn’t control myself because I lost the honor of all baseball players and showed bad performance to my juniors as the team captain,” he reflected. 스포츠토토탑

Ha Joo-seok was eliminated from the first division on June 16 last year by throwing a bat and throwing a helmet from the dugout in anger at the referee’s decision against Lotte. Referring to this, Ha Joo-seok said, “I humbly accept your harsh rebuke and advice for bringing disappointment to my fans again despite one unsavory accident last summer. I will also have time to learn how to control myself more and live. “I will reflect and reflect on myself and live with a heart of atonement like that,” he said.

Hanwha signed an FA contract with Oh Sun-jin, who can see shortstop, for a total of 400 million won in 1+1 years as Ha Joo-seok was unable to play half of 2023. Lee Do-yoon, Park Jung-hyun, Lee Do-yoon, Moon Hyun-bin and Lee Min-joon played as shortstop until the 25th. The fact that the centerline shortstop, which is the most important in defense, was changed was not a small blow to the team.

Hanwha played 68 games of the season until the 24th. There is a variable to cancel the rainy season, but if the team plays two more games, Ha Joo-seok can return in principle from the match against KT in Daejeon on the 29th. Ha Joo-seok has been unable to play in both the first and second divisions. However, they can participate in rehabilitation military games and practice games with university teams, but Hanwha did not hire Ha Joo-seok at all due to concerns over public opinion and has only been training individually. In May this year, he visited his alma mater Shinil High School and donated his talent.

The key now is when Ha returns. Unlike pitchers who can personally pitch and build their bodies, it is difficult for Ha Joo-seok to return to the first division immediately because the fielder has to be able to put his batting, defense, and base in practice. Given the timing, he is likely to be called up to the first division after playing a few games in the Futures League.

Hanwha is known to be concerned about the voices of its fans. According to a baseball official who is familiar with the team’s situation, Hanwha is deeply agonizing over the timing of Ha’s return. Although Ha’s ability is clearly a big part of the team, he is considering the image of the team and its impact on the entire baseball world from various angles rather than the immediate power. A Hanwha official recently said, “The timing of Ha’s return has yet to be decided.”

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