The Rock and Brew Restaurant Coming to Potawatomi Carter Casino

Forrest Country Potawatomi community partners with rock and roll hall of fame members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS and their rock-inspired restaurant group Rock and Bruce to provide their nationally recognized restaurant concepts and live music to the Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel.

Wisconsin’s first rock and brew restaurant opened on Aug. 1 at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee. The 250-seat restaurant was an integral part of the $190 million renovation. After its opening, the celebrations moved to the Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel and Carter, where rock and brew hosted an outdoor concert series and pop-up beer garden featuring artists such as Rascal Platts and Jefferson Starship’s Gary LeVox. 슬롯머신

“We are enthusiastic about bringing these rock and roll legends and their outstanding meal concepts to Wisconsin,” said Dominic Ortiz, CEO of Potawatomi Casino and Hotel. “Their presence at our casino in Milwaukee was incredibly interesting and we know they’re going to bring the same energy to Carter.”

On Sept. 1, the Forest County Potawatomi and Rockenbrew teams will further strengthen their partnership with an all-day program to help Wisconsin feel an “all-night rock ‘n’ roll,” starting with a groundbreaking ceremony for their restaurant inside the Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel. At 11:30 a.m., Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will participate in the first event to demolish the 5,280-square-foot restaurant. Later that evening, the duo will join their bandmates to perform at Crandon International Raceway as part of KISS’s End of the Road Tour.

“We are proud to continue to partner with the Forest County Potawatomi community, which has a second Rock and Brew location in Wisconsin,” said Adam Goldberg, CEO and partner of Rock and Brews. “We’ve enjoyed getting to know the Carter community through the summer event and can’t wait to welcome them into our restaurant early next year for the full experience of Rock and Bruce.”

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