Tottenham reportedly plans to recruit additional strikers next summer.

Reporter Sami Mokbel, who works for the British “Daily Mail” and is in charge of the North London club, had a Q&A time with fans on the 16th. 온라인카지노

What Tottenham fans were interested in was also related to the January transfer market. Tottenham are off to a very good start this season, but they feel keenly dependent on the starting lineup. James Medicine and Mickey Van Der Pen were injured, and Destiny Udodge and Christian Romero were disciplined, and their performance fell sharply.

There are many voices that Tottenham needs reinforcement in January to continue its flow in the early part of this season into the second half. In January, Son Heung-min will participate in the 2023 Asian Cup of Asian Football Confederation, while Papé Matasar and Yves Bissouma will also participate in the 2024 African Cup of Nations. It is very fatal if the three main players are missing.

Fans are looking forward to recruiting, but reporter Mokbel gave a negative outlook. “I don’t think I’ll have much money to spend in January,” he said. People will say, “Where did Kane’s transfer fee go?” but Tottenham used the money before Kane joined Munich.

Reporter Mokbel then claimed that Tottenham was looking to recruit a striker. “Tottenham are looking for a centre-forward to replace Kane but that move is likely to happen in the summer. “Santiago Jimenez (Feyenoord) is a player who attracts Tottenham’s attention,” he added.

The main striker is not a position that Tottenham needs right now. Since Son Heung-min is playing a tremendous role as he moves to the striker position, it is urgent to reinforce other positions first. If Panther Pen and Romero are missing, center backs with no alternative resources are the most urgent. Or, like James Medicine, we need one more playmaker who can play the game.

However, reporter Mokbel’s information was that there is a high possibility that there will be no center back and playmaker recruitment this winter. “Medison and Van Der Pen’s injuries are a big blow, but both players will be able to fully recover their performance by the time the transfer market opens,” he said.

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