What Happened to Him in the Winter of 2017

LG Twins won the title for the first time in 29 years. The joy was also brief. They had to start preparations for next season. 12 players were excluded from the list. Release was made.

Seo Kun-chang, the star of “Unprecedented” 200 hits, made his name on the list, which shocked me. Seo did not receive much attention because of him, but pitcher Lim Jung-woo was no longer able to wear LG’s uniform. Lim announced his retirement two days later through his SNS account. “My time at LG was really special to me,” Lim said. “I think it is a great honor to be an LG player in the long journey from the dark days to the unified championship in 29 years.”

Lim Jung-woo’s baseball career was decided in the early winter of 2017. In his second year as a rookie in 2012, he moved from the SK Wyverns (the predecessor of the SSG Landers) to the LG Twins, and grew up tremendously. Then, he met with manager Yang Sang-moon to show off his skills and skills. Manager Yang, a pitching expert, recruited Lim Jung-woo, who had the best curves in the league, to finish the 2016 season in a surprise move. He pitched 109 innings thanks to his all-weather performance as a starter for the 2015 season and the bullpen. In the process, Yang confirmed Lim’s possibility to finish the game. Despite trials and errors, he contributed significantly to LG’s advance to the fall baseball league by recording 28 saves.

He did not know that such a good baseball player would determine his fate. As a result of his stellar performance as a closing pitcher of LG, he was proudly selected for the 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team. However, he clenched onto his shoulder during the national team’s camp in Okinawa, Japan in February. Since then, Lim has disappeared. The last pitch he made in 17 games in the second half of 2017 was his first-team career. He underwent shoulder treatment and elbow surgery in 2018. He sought a comeback after resolving military service issues, but the opportunity never came back. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

According to reports that were released just before the WBC camp, Yang continued to interview about Lim. Some even said, “I’m not worried about Cha Woo-chan, who was picked together. But I’m worried about Lim Jung-woo,” and others even said, “I want to follow him and watch him.” Why did he do that? “He is a very soft player. The good thing is that he can throw the ball flexibly, but the bad thing is that he puts a lot of pressure on his body,” Yang said, adding, “He played many innings for the first time in the 2016 season. Closing pitchers should do their best in every pitch. That’s why Lim’s case had to focus all on off-season training to strengthen his shoulders and elbows.”

However, I couldn’t stop myself from joining the national team. Player’s highest honor. He was not hurt, and he had no choice but to send a player to the national team because of the possibility that he could get hurt. Even so, he couldn’t even ask the team staff who lead the best players to take care of them one by one. Manager Yang reportedly prayed for Lim to finish the competition safely. However, his worries became a reality.

Manager Yang said, “When I heard that Jung-woo was retiring, I was very sad because I remembered that time,” adding, “When I met him after going to the military after elbow surgery, Jung-woo bravely said, ‘I can throw the ball,’ and I was relieved. However, I am sad to hear that he is ending his career without ever making it to the first team.”

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