“4 consecutive wins” San Diego club, “Kim Ha-sung and Araez are doing the worst.”

“Kim Ha-sung and Luis Arraez are the worst in our team,” the San Diego club said in a “Game note” data released ahead of the home game against Milwaukee on the 24th (Korea time). 안전토토사이트

“He hit a home run in last night’s game, but he has shown sluggish performance in his last seven games, batting average of 0.167 (5 hits in 30 times at bat). His on-base percentage during the period was only 0.194,” the game note said. Kim Ha-sung’s poor performance is even worse than that of Araez.

He hit a home run in the game on the 23rd and recorded double-digit homers for three consecutive seasons, but according to game note data, “Kim Ha-sung has a batting average of 0.115 (3 hits in 26 times at bat) in the last eight games he has played since the 13th of this month. In addition, he committed two defensive errors in one game on the 22nd, ending his record of 15 consecutive games without errors.” “Kim Ha-sung also committed two defensive errors in the game against Colorado on the 13th of last month,” the game note said.

Kim Ha-sung became the first Asian field fielder to receive the Gold Glove award last year. However, he has already committed 10 errors in defense this season, as if he were the winner of the Gold Glove award given to the “best defender.” This is the highest record since he entered the Major League in 2021. Since there are still more than half of the season left, the figure of this bad record is highly likely to be higher. Kim Ha-sung’s previous record of most errors in one season was eight.

San Diego has recently won four consecutive games despite the slumps of Arez and Kim Ha-sung, the team’s main players. Fortunately, newcomers Jackson Merrill (21), Jake Cronenworth (30) and Manny Machado (32) are making up for Kim Ha-sung and Arez’s slump in offense.

Merrill, an outfielder who just debuted in the Major League this year, boasts a batting average of 0.328 with six homers and 10 RBIs in the 16 recent games. His OPS, which combines on-base plus slugging percentage, is also recording a whopping 1.068.

Cronenworth, who is alternately watching first and second bases, is also showing off his batting performance recently. He has displayed batting performance of 0.320 (16 hits in 50 at-bats) and four homers and nine RBIs in the 13 games he has played recently. A walk-off home run is included in the four homers.

Third baseman Machado, who has returned from injury, also deserves attention recently. He has been hitting multiple hits in three consecutive games. He has posted a batting average of 0.615 (eight hits in 13 at-bats) during the period. Machado’s record is good with a batting average of 0.458 (11 hits in 24 at-bats), even if he expands to the last six games.

Arraez isn’t doing his part at the plate, but with Merrill, Cronenworth, and Machado’s performance, San Diego has recently won four straight games and is playing exciting baseball.

After suffering five consecutive losses last week, the San Diego Padres, which once fell to fourth place in the National League West, regained No. 2 spot in the district with its four consecutive wins. With 41 wins and 40 losses this season ahead of Tuesday’s game, the team has returned to the .506 level.

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