Are fantasy sports websites gambling on marketing?

It’s a question that most attendees of the Fantasy Sports Trades Association’s winter conference in Las Vegas did not want to answer. Which fantasy websites are crossing the fine line between gambling and fantasy sports in marketing their websites?

The problem relates to new and profitable trends on daily betting sites such as Kanto Fantasy, Fan Dual, Fan Bowl, and Draft Day, which handle multimillion-dollar transactions between players organizing and betting on new lineups.

“We support daily game companies,” Paul Charchian, president of the Minneapolis-based FSTA, told The Mirage on Tuesday to about 200 conference attendees. “So far, daily gaming is the fastest growing part of our business. Don’t mess it up.”

Charchian said he was concerned that some daily newspaper sites were marketing themselves like out-of-town sportsbooks, as they were before the 2006 federal crackdown. He urged them to be “much more conscious of causing disruption to consumers.”

On , the site sells “new ways to play fantasy sports quickly and easily.” The site also advertises a “$50 million cash reward” last year, saying that players can “play on the same day and get real cash.” 파워볼게임

“Sooner or later, chaos will affect all of us,” Sharkian said

Betting on fantasy sports is now legal. The Internet Illegal Gambling and Enforcement Act of 2006 created a niche for fantasy or simulated sports games, regulating online gambling.

The law says there should be consequences that reflect the relative knowledge of game players, but it is not a coincidence. In other words, fantasy sports are considered games of skill.

“No fantasy league or website has ever been shut down because of a gambling indictment,” Charchian said. “Be very conscious of how you express yourself. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for the industry.”

Charchian is concerned that some everyday fantasy sites may attract unwanted regulations.

Today, nearly 36 million people aged 12 and older participate in fantasy sports in the United States and Canada. The fantasy sports industry generates $1.44 billion in admission and prize money annually, including more than $1.63 billion in direct spending, including website hosting fees and magazine and website subscriptions for fantasy players.

It is also a business where users move to smartphone and tablet apps and affect their existing online advertising revenue.

Andrew Hoffman, Mobile Marketing Director at Mobest, told industry executives, website developers, and others in a panel discussion about the transition of advertising to mobile.

Hoffman warned that so far, advertising budgets have not increased with the increase, and companies are expecting their “money to work smarter.”

Conferences covering all aspects of fantasy sports were held at Mirage on Monday and Tuesday. The panels discussed how companies can provide the best online or mobile user experience, and how fantasy sports can make sporting events more fun.

“Mobile spending will increase,” said Lyndon Campbell, Nielsen’s vice president of sports. “Digital spending will increase by 5 percent this year. A lot of advertising costs are moving into this space.”

Overall, 56 percent of Americans own a smartphone, according to a Nielsen study. In terms of sports, 70 percent of Major League Soccer fans own a smartphone, followed by 68 percent of the NBA and 63 percent of the NHL.

Stephen Master, senior vice president of sports at Nielsen, said: “Sport hasn’t penetrated that well in terms of apps. One in four uses sports apps. It’s significantly underdeveloped compared to other fields.”

Master said that most people still use their smartphones to connect to the Internet to check their scores and statistics using ESPN or Yahoo Sports. He said that a company has a chance to capture the fantasy sports market through a chaotic situation.

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