Brazil’s National Basketball League and Genius Sports have extended their exclusive official data and integrity partnership for a long time ahead of the new season.

As a trusted partner to over 200 basketball leagues and federations around the world, Genius Sports will offer FIBA LiveStats to all LNB competitions, capturing and distributing official play-by-play statistics to power on-field scoreboards, league and team social media channels and other digital platforms facing fans. This official live game data feed is essential for all LNB live broadcasts and is also distributed in sportsbooks around the world to power the real-time betting market.

“The key strategic business partnership between Genius Sports and the National Basketball League (LNB) helps us achieve a range of commercial goals,” said Rodrigo Franco Montoro, president of the National Basketball League. “Both companies have innovative DNA and Genius Sports technology solutions that allow LNB’s real-time game data to be used by the technology team and enjoyed by fans quickly and accurately. Likewise, Genius ensures safe information distribution to those who want to make fun bets on basketball games.” 토토사이트

Crucially, Genius Sports will protect the LNB from the threat of match fixing and betting-related corruption. Since 2016, Genius Sports has been providing LNB with an educational service and 24/7 betting monitoring system that provides expertise in analyzing global betting probability movements for Brazilian basketball and detecting questionable betting behavior. In March 2023, LNB became the first league to join the abrazileira de de fesa de integra de do esporte (ABRADIE), Brazil’s main integrity union founded by genius sports, along with entain, rei du pitaco and vichara e mota advogados.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with LNB as one of the largest basketball leagues in Latin America,” said Gilherme Buso, senior account executive at Genius Sports. “While helping LNB fight betting-related corruption head on, our technology will provide fast, accurate and official data for all LNB games, driving interactions with fans, broadcasters and sportsbooks globally.”

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