California Indian Tribe Throws Ball at New Casino

A lawyer for the Soboba Band of Luizeno Indians said Monday that the tribe hopes to relocate its main gaming business west of Hemet from a reserve near San Jacinto. “The tribe plans to build a casino, a 400-room hotel, restaurant and entertainment facility on a 128-acre site near Diamond Valley Lake,” tribal attorney Carl Johnson told the conference. “We could benefit from the 2003 lawsuit settlement.” He said the tribe would relocate its gaming business, but would keep the existing casinos “small operations” and make it a bingo hall.

The tribe’s announcement heard at a town hall meeting hosted by the city of Hemet on Monday night suggesting tribal and city-to-city solutions to problems such as police and fire fighting to be offered at the new casino. In addition, the tribe’s proposed plans for a new casino, and the conditions the city authorities wanted to meet before approving federal legislation required for the acquisition of land for the casino, were also laid out. Hemet City Council attended the meeting Monday, but no decisions were made. The council will consider the proposed agreement. 실시간 바카라사이트

About 150 people attended Monday’s two-hour meeting. About 10 people expressed concern about the proposed agreement between the tribe and the city. About 60 residents of Winchester, an unincorporated area near where the proposed casino was located, were angry that Hemet had not included them in negotiations with the tribe over the 128-acre casino. Others challenged the tribe’s claims about the economic benefits that the casino would bring. Supporters of the proposed agreement said that the new casinos would create jobs and provide other economic benefits. An economic analysis conducted by the tribe showed that the new casinos would create $235 million a year in economic activity, create 1,130 jobs, and create additional jobs.

The Soboba tribe will acquire 128 acres at the intersection of Domenigoni Parkway and Winchester Road as part of a solution proposed in 2003 to resolve a longstanding dispute with local waters. The tribe hopes to make the site part of a reserve about 12 miles away. It will give the tribe legal status to build a casino there. However, the tribe needs congressional action to open a casino on the land. Council representatives representing the Soboba Reserve, Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Redlands, and Rep. Mary Bono, R-Farm Springs, said they will not introduce legislation until all parties involved, including the city of Hemet, agree with the tribe. Lake Hemet, the Eastern City and Metropolitan Waters, and the City of San Jacinto are also related to this. He met with officials. He said that the development will bring traffic and safety problems near the city.

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