“Director Kim Sung-geun’s stinging words…”” The legendary Park Yong-taek special lecture was full of newbies’ ears and notes

KBS N Sports Baseball commentator Park Yong-taek (45) attended the 2024 KBO Rookie Orientation held at the Daejeon Convention Center as a lecturer on the 9th. He started training the players in front of 132 freshmen from 10 teams who were at the starting line of the KBO League, including rookie and nurturing players. He sincerely shared his experiences and advice on the importance of managing as a professional baseball player and managing body, people, mental and money in detail. 카지노사이트 순위

“To put it mildly, a professional baseball player has no work-life balance until he is wearing a uniform or when he is on the field (as a leader) even after his retirement. I have not seen a single person who is a good match for work-life balance and has succeeded in baseball. Giving money to players at a club means sacrificing your life for the team,” said Park, who told an episode with manager Kim Sung-keun, who leads the Monster League in the entertainment program “The Greatest Baseball.”

“Even after retirement, I continue to play baseball in the strongest baseball league. Of course, I was playing it seriously, but I have never enjoyed my favorite baseball (in professional league). I thought I would enjoy playing it 20-30 percent of the time, but manager Kim Seong-geun came and said, “Are you getting paid?” “I’m not broadcasting to make you laugh. I’m paying you to play baseball well. Think of yourself as a professional baseball player, not a retired player,” and I felt as if I had been hit in the back of the head. As the manager said, I am still playing baseball after retirement while receiving considerable money. “I still believe that I am a professional baseball player,” he said. “Even now, rookies should have that mindset.” In fact, the strongest baseball stands for real baseball and is constantly loved by fans for its realistic matches between retired and amateur players.

He also gave realistic advice. “It never helps to endure pain when you are in pain. Personally, if there were any regrets in my professional career, it would be about advancing to overseas leagues or representing the national team,” Park said. “I had problems with throwing balls (in the field defense).” “My shoulder hurt quite a lot in the second or third year, but I played stubbornly on my own. Over the years, I missed the surgery and rehabilitation period. I played in that condition for more than 15 years. Many players develop such diseases and if they get sick, they will explode someday. I need to approach the training coaches with an open mind and take good care of my body.”

“In order to remove my uniform without regret, I have to continue to challenge myself without giving up,” said Park, who also stressed the importance of personal life and fan service outside the stadium. “The growth that I expect is to keep going up (to the right), but the actual growth does not take place. It falls, goes up slightly, and then falls deeper. Then, all of a sudden, one day, it suddenly pops up. Usually, there are too many players who give up right before that. You should not give up from the beginning. Even if you fall once, you can go back up. The result comes out, not the result comes out,” he stressed.

Finally, member Park said, “Only when you shake in the strong wind, get soaked in strong rain, and endure the hot sunlight will sprout, bloom, and bear fruit. In the future, you will be hit by a lot of rain and wind as professional baseball players, there will be hot sunlight, and there will be very cold winters. There will certainly be dark darkness where the end seems to be hard to see, and there will be times when you enter a tunnel where the end wants to be somewhere. However, countless seniors have gone through all those times and reached that position. I hope you will be passionate Korean professional baseball players who are not tired.”

Players also listened to Park’s blood-and-blooded lecture and packed notes into their notebooks. Hwang Joon-seo (Hanwha), the No. 1 rookie pitcher, said, “Park Yong-taek told me good things about physical and mental management, so I wrote it down well in my notebook.” Kim Taek-yeon (Doosan), the second-ranked pitcher, also said, “There must be times when we failed and had a hard time, but I was told that there were many players who quit because they couldn’t bear it anymore.” Jeon Mir (Lotte), the third-ranked pitcher, also said, “Park Yong-taek taught me a lot of know-how, so I worked hard on taking notes. I remember the story of flowers blooming where strong winds and storms passed.”

Park Yong-taek, a former left-handed outfielder who retired after 2020 after making his professional debut at LG in 2002, hit .370 with a slugging rate of .451 OPS.821, with 2,237 career games, including retirement games in 2022, hitting .2504 with 213 homers, 1,192 RBIs, 1,259 runs, 793 walks, and 313 steals.

As the main character of the most hits in the KBO League history, he ranked first in scoring (90) and stealing (45) in 2005, and became the batting champion in 2009 with the first in batting average (.372). He won four Golden Gloves as an outfielder in 2009, 2012 and 2013 and a designated hitter in 2017, receiving the honor of LG’s third permanent absence (33) in the club’s history, following Kim Yong-soo (41) and Lee Byung-kyu (9). In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the KBO League in 2022, he was also ranked 15th in the 40-member legend selected by experts and fans.

In addition to Park Yong-taek’s training on the knowledge of the team, the orientation was conducted through various programs. The orientation ended with Park Hee-jin’s training on the prohibition of cheating and damaging dignity, Oh Hyo-joo’s media interview and fan service training on KBS N Sports announcer, his man-nam with his seniors attended by last year’s rookies Moon Hyun-bin (Hanwha) and Kim Dong-heon (Kium), anti-doping training by the Korea Anti-Doping Commission, lectures on customized financial design for rookies conducted by Shinhan Bank, the title sponsor of the KBO League, and a briefing session on KBO pensions.

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